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Originally Posted by tjc4golf View Post
I also exfoliate chemically with a chemical peel once a week. I use both glycolic and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is oil soluble whereas glycolic is water soluble. My skin is a little oily so I do two weeks of the salicylic peel, one week glycolic. The salicylic seems to target oil/pores moreso than the glycolic which seems to have more of a uniform effect on the entire face.

The peels can definitely irritate the skin but if done properly (i.e. you don't leave the peel on for too long) they're fine. I just takes a little experimentation at first to figure how long to leave them on (this is not straightforward as it is a product of both the strength of the solution and your skin type). Start slow and work your way up to be safe.

I highly recommend the chemical peels. They're effective, quick and very cheap (I'd less than $0.50/peel). If you're looking for a good source, I recommend Skin Laboratory:

I was speaking more of daily-use products at lower levels (BHA - 1-2%; AHA - 8-10%), but stronger peels can be good too if you know what you're doing.
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I'm no expert but eat well, sleep well and exercise does the trick. I'm quite proud of the way my skin glows and that's only happened once I started eating well.

I use a tinchy bit of extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer and rarely use soap on my face or exfoliate.
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This board needs to secede from the rest of SF.
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Sleep has the biggest difference for me. 8 well rested hours = clear skin. Any less = outbreak
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Not even movie stars have 'movie star clear skin' but there are plenty of things you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy:

If you're older than 25 use retinoids. Retinol is a proven anti-ageing ingredient that will thicken the inner layers of skin and plump out wrinkles and fine lines.

Moisturise straight after showers on damp skin. Drinking water doesn't hydrate your skin, your skin is at it's most hydrated after a warm shower so moisturise straight after your shower on damp skin to lock all that moisture in.

Don't over treat! Your skin makes the best moisturiser so don't wash your face when you don't need to, try simply splashing your face with water in the morning and washing at night.

AHAs/BHAs used in combination will clear up most male skin complains; acne, scars, ingrown hairs.. BHAs exfoliate inside the pore, thus preventing ingrown hairs and clogged pores which lead to blackheads/pimples. AHAs exfoliate the surface, exposing fresh skin that is less damaged than what is on top.

A good sunscreen is always the best bet, something with a high PPD value is what you should be looking for.

If you want you can also add treatments for certain conditions to amp up your skincare. Dull skin can use a vitamin C serum, acne - sulphur, discolouration - niacinamide...

Don't over exfoliate. Scrubbing your skin or applying an acid can be quite satisfying to do but remember that every time you shave you're scraping a layer of skin off your face so don't overdo it!

Finally a varied diet can do wonders for your skin an overall health. Food rich in antioxidants will work better than any supplement.
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Originally Posted by ozymandias View Post
Following the success of the other thread on white teeth I was wondering how exactly one gets very clear facial skin. This thread is not meant to compare different products (although you can mention ones that work well) but more of the whole process.

I know exfoliation and cleansing creams are a basic start but rarely do they solve the problem completely. Are there any foods one should avoid? I know excess salt results in puffiness and bags under your eyes.

So any advice here is appreciated.

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A good prescription can work wonders, if you've got the cash or can find the discounts. Zania gel and Doryx pills are good places to start.
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I've found that it helps to stop using a face cloth. Rather than using a face cloth to wash my face after using cleanser, it's better just to splash warm water over the face and dab (not rub) dry with a towel. I guess this is because the rubbing of a face cloth moves debris around and into the pores.

Also i find getting into a steady routine helps. If you get up and shit, shower and shave every morning in that order, it helps. I think the shower tends to soften the skin for the shave, and shaving everyday is like exfoliating i guess.

that's my experience at least. been on antibiotics (doxycycline) for my skin, and they work for a while, but as soon as i come off them the acne comes back. Don't have any scarring yet, but i'm 20, and i'm just fed up with still having to deal with it.
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Originally Posted by jimbo123 View Post
I'm no expert but eat well, sleep well and exercise does the trick. I'm quite proud of the way my skin glows and that's only happened once I started eating well.

I use a tinchy bit of extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer and rarely use soap on my face or exfoliate.

That sums it up. Diet and exercise will do wonders for you in all aspects of your life.
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Originally Posted by why View Post
Erm, no.

He's right, with accutane my skin went from pimply to clear, and I get complimented all the time, people would never know I had acne. Ever.

Anyway, in response to your question:

Drink ALOT of water, eat fresh vegetables, get some moisturizer and exfoliate once or twice a week, but don't over-do it with soaps and 'cleansers', they tend to try your skin out too much, even if you still moisturize (imo).

I've always thought your skin was sorta a reflection on your general health, so if you're a healthy guy who gets plenty of exercise, sleep, drinks plenty of water and eats right your skin will generally look great. I'm no expert though!
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Originally Posted by Tck13 View Post


Lots of people take very low doses of this to keep their skin clear. Nothing a teenager would require, but just enough.

That along with an intelligent daily routine, sun screen to keep wrinkles at bay, and frequent acid masks and microderm will give you "movie star" skin.
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Honestly people, accutane changed my life. Whoever is scared of it, don't be. There is ONE cure for acne and that is accutane. Try it if you are having problems with your skin - you will thank me later.
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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

I actually believe that keeping yourself hydrated actually helps maintain good skin. Drink a glass of water before going to bed and avoid, if you can, sleeping in airconditioned rooms.
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I think diet has a roll in it. I find that my face is more clear when I eat more fruits and greens.
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Simply switching from razor to electric made a difference for me.
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