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I just bought the Captain Americas here in NYC. They are truly pretty cool shoes. I also bought some Rock n' Clothing shirts. I might pick up a pair of Earnest Sewns at the store. I will see.
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How much were they? (the shoes)
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The Captain Americas were $220 based on the current exchange rate. I agreed with whoever on the forum said that the patent leather adds to their trendiness. These are obviously not everyday shoes, they are merely collector sort of items and I am young (19 years old) and I figure that I can pull them off once in a while at a trendy club in LA or possibly NYC. For all of you who question my style and lack of thought when buying such an item, don't do so. I recognize that they are not the most practical shoes, but you live once and I just hope to have fun with the shoes.
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Originally Posted by minya
You're crazy man. The ridiculous, gaudy patent leather is precisely what makes them so fantastic.
The patent has a certain appeal, to me, sometimes.

But I think that with all the interesting effects that can be done on a shoe now, and for a company that makes artwork - pop artwork, anyway - Marvel should've demanded more than some vague colorways.

EXAMPLE: If I got showed that red, yellow and black Bapesta, I wouldn't say, "Hey, Iron Man shoe!"

But change the colors to matte deep red and that Dior Homme gold, take that "haze" effect that was on those Futura Dunks from about 2003:

Really give it that muted, brushed aluminum look, and you've got the sweetest pair of Iron Man shoes ever.

Yes I am a great big nerd.
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