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Advice: suit feels a little off

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Long time lurker...

anyway, I was planning on wearing this suit to a wedding in a couple of weeks and when i look at it on something just feels a little bit off. Like I almost have it right but some detail or element just skews the look and I haven't been able to put my finger on it.

Maybe its my imagination but I welcome anyone's advice or critique.

Pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
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I'm also a new member here.

off the bat, the sleeves are too long, you need to take an inch off, the sleeves should end at your wrist bone to allow more shirt cuffs showing. you should show as much cuff as much you are showing that nice pocket square. 2nd, do not button the buttom button. 3rd, just personal taste, but I think you'd look sharper if you have a tailor make some adjustments, slim the sleeves a little bit, and take in the waiste a little to show some flair on the skirt.
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Sleeves and jacket are too long. Also, you're buttoning incorrectly. I'll let the experts chime in from here...
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In addition to what they said - it may be the way you are standing but your left sleeve looks longer than the right.
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First of all, I'd like to say that your jacket is a size too large for you. But nothing much you can do about it now, it isnt comically large so I wouldn't purchase a new one just yet. But return it if you can. If you can't exchange the suit for a smaller size, take it to an alterations tailor and have them take up the sleeves by an inch. Btw, unbutton your bottom button and do up your top one. Your jacket's lapel roll doesn't accomodate a three roll two.
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Your jacket collar seems to be standing off your shirt collar.
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Button only the middle or the top two buttons, never the lower one.
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The skirt doesnt flair enough, needs more waist suppression but that could just be the fact you've buttoned the bottom button.
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Much too big
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Originally Posted by AndrewRogers View Post
Much too big

I wonder... It's hard to tell where his shoulders are sitting inside the jacket due to the dark colour, but it seems a reasonable fit, so perhaps going from an R to an S or L to an R (depending on the size) with some waist suppression might do the trick?.
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The jacket appears too long, which is accentuated by the high stance and 3/3 roll.

Also, try to steer clear of the dark suit/ black tie/ white shirt combo. Especially for a summertime wedding. Unless looking like a chauffeur is your goal, of course.
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More important than anything else, the jacket looks like it might be slightly too big in the shoulders. Is it? I can't totally tell from the photos, but I just get that sense for some reason. At any rate, if the shoulders are larger than your own, get a new suit and sell or return this one. No amount of tailoring voodoo is worth undertaking if the shoulders don't fit.

Try buying one size down next time and see how it feels.
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The left sleeve is a little longer than the right, it is also uneven in the shoulders but that could be because you have the bottom buttoned buttoned which you should never do.
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Originally Posted by fuji View Post
Your jacket collar seems to be standing off your shirt collar.

can you clarify on what that means?
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basically what everyone else said. 'visually' it is the sleeve that needs to be taken up a bit and the quarters need to be opened up a bit so just unbutton your last button.

but however you said , "something just feels a little bit off"

im not sure if you meant visually or the suit actually doesnt feel correct on you.

in that case, i dont think the sleeves have anything to do with it, but a sizing issue. i cant tell if it is the latter, because you would have to describe what you feel instead of just photos.
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