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Sanitizing used shoes

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I've been thinking of buying some used shoes thrift or ebay and I'm wondering what is the best way to sterilize the insides of used leather shoes without causing any harm to the leather? I searched but didn't find anything definitive with the exception of someone mentioning having used vodka. Thanks
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How do you sanitize the shoes you've bought new but have worn for years?
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My advice is do not buy any used shoes that appear to need sanitizing.
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The same way they sanitize bowling shoes.
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Sanitizing and sterilizing are two different things. Neither likely achievable on a porous material like leather. If you use shoe spray like they do in bowling alleys, you can cut down foot fungus that might be present.

Lysol will do the same thing.
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You can also wipe down the insides with a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol. No need to worry about drying out the linings; as soon as you start wearing the shoes, they'll be exposed to enough moisture...
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Take them to your local bowling alley.

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If this spray doesn't do the trick, consult the Vatican.
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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.
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