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Crockett & Jones "Highbury"

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I posted a question about this model over at askandy right around the time that StyleForum rose from the ashes, so I thought I would give it another go here "at home".

I have established that these are benchgrade but I cannot seem to find them on Pediwear, Plal, C&J UK, or C&J Paris. Does anyone know if they are a discontinued model?
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Copying across my post from Ask Andy's...

C&J "Highbury"

It's a little bit more expensive than other C&J regular line shoes - can think of them as regular line plus. Soles are stitched aloft.
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Does it look like the 348 last?
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I won a pair on ebay recently, which is the reason for my heavy interest.

The description read: "A Classical English Three Eylet, Plain Vamp Derby Made From The Finest Beige Burnished Calf on Their 348 Last"

I found it strange that I could not find any information on the four sites I mentioned in my first post.
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Yeah, i think C&J (and the distributors) are taking their time updating the websites for the 348 last shoes.
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Here is the picture from the auction:

Attachment 13

I do not know if I have the patience to wait for them to arrive.
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What size are those? I almost bid on the UK 9.5E. I finally decided that they would be too big for me, but I really like that shoe.
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What a beautiful last, especially for a RTW shoe.

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Originally Posted by Thracozaag
What a beautiful last, especially for a RTW shoe.


Isn't it the 348 last? The Hallam is also quite striking on that last.
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They are indeed 9.5UK, 348 last.
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Originally Posted by water
They are indeed 9.5UK, 348 last.

We almost had a bidding war on our hands! I want to find a pair in a UK9. I wonder where I can find this color?
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In that case I am very happy you decided not to bid!

I was surprised there were not more bids. I hope the lack of bids is not an omen that these shoes are going to turn out to be rubbish!
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This looks like my pair of Dartmouth but on a much more elegant last. It's almost too sexy to wear. Definately would look nice on a slim cut suit or at least slim cut pants.

Absolutely beautiful.
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They are intensely handsome. Thank the Lord they're not a 2-hole, otherwise I'd be salivating even more. Particularly nice, I think, in the tan...
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As I've stated before, C&J's 348 last is as close to the Vass U-last as it gets. C&J only makes Benchgrades on this last, but that is hardly making them bad shoes. In fact, they are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than Vass U-last shoes while being just as pretty. C&J has recently started to offer a rather large number of very attractive designs on that last. The Higbury is but one example ...
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