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DB waistcoat as seen in Chariots of Fire

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Hello chaps! I've been a-lurking for a while now and I've decided the re-birth of SF is a good time to surface. I think this forum is a wonderful resource and I'm constantly impressed by the erudition and taste of its members.

I was watching Chariots of Fire last night and was surprised to see one of the characters wearing a DB waistcoat, as I'd never come across one before. He's sitting at a table after a race meeting for kiddies somewhere in scotland; the scene occurs quite early in the film. Here's a piccie of the sort of thing:


What do people think of this style of waistcoat? I'd love to get hold of one. Any suggestions for someone living in Oxford/London much appreciated.
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I like DB vests. However, I prefer that they have six rather than eight buttons, and I also like a little more crossover (wrap). And more of a keystone rather than parallel button stance.

I have no idea where to get these RTW. Maybe Hackett?
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Maybe you could do what I did - use one of the inexpensive internet-MTM tailors. I had one made by Ravi's Tailors (double breasted, mid-gorge, six buttons, gray light-midweight wool blend, no collar). Reasonably nice, just have to make sure you get good material although it is not as critical as with, say, a suit... getting their swatches sent to you first would be a great idea.
Of course if you need something fast that will certainly not work.
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At the time Chariots of Fire was placed, I think DB waistcoats were considered just a little too flashy for the very best dressers. Dorothy Sayers, who didn't miss much, managed to damn them on more than one occasion.

By now, however, they have been out of circulation for so long that I doubt any rule would still apply. So do what you will.

My impression is that they are quite dressy, and therefore best suited to peak-lapel jackets. YMMV.
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