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Originally Posted by k4ppah View Post
I feel like I should take offense at Mauro treating us like 5 year olds, but instead I just giggled at ass gluing.
It's all fun and games, until someone glues their asshole shut.
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Dr.Pat _ the holes over time will get bigger. however in you live in a place that does have great tailors and I know they have the glue or at least the bar tacking ability. PM me and we can give you money for the repairs. I would fix it if I was you. Best, Mauro +1 onion
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WWJD: glue or stich?
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^^bring yours into the store we will bond it . I think its best.
J5's tailor did a great job but I would still seal that shit up!
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I like that solution. I'll stop by tomorrow and pick up an item or two on sale.
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Ok so I sent my size 33's in to exchange for size 32's but I think they're probably just getting there today. Would you guys be kind enough to check the pants i'm being sent out and fix the holes before. I know it should probably happen without saying but I don't want to be overlooked. thanks
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yeah sorry mauro ... if i knew i woulda sent my jawns straight to Chad to save on time and money
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Mauro, now its unclear whether or not you want the jeans sent to you or Chad. If you want us to send them directly to Chad, please provide his address.
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If your jeans have not been sent yet. Please send direct to us here.

Secret Service
1855 Industrial St. #107
LA, CA 90021

We will immediate handle repairs and get them back out.


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chad, my jeans are on their way to you
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I would like to report that Mauro has been very pleasant towards me via private message. Now, this doesn't change the fact that my jeans have now split entirely down the inseam and are no longer wearable in the least, but I suppose it's a decent consolation.
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lol no way ... have pics? send them back to chad and he will fix it up
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I received my jeans today. Here are my impressions:

5'11'' (180cm)
155lbs (70kg)
Size 31
Number 52

I based my size choice on my size 31 Nudie RRDS. The CvF had the same knee, thigh, and front rise measurements but a larger waist and smaller ankle. They fit me perfectly in the waist and no stretching will be needed to achieve an ideal fit. What little fat I have is concentrated in my stomach so the comparatively larger waist was nice for me. The jeans fit well through the legs with just a bit of tightness on the upper part of my inner thigh. The rise feels lower than would be expected from the measurement but I really like this because the crotch of the jeans is almost touching my crotch and I never have to pull them up so they sit properly. Overall, I would give the fit the highest possible rank.

It's a bit bluer than I expected from the pics, which made them seem to be a very dark gray. I was amazed about how light and breezy they feel compared to my RRDS. The denim bleeds profusely! My underwear was stained dark blue, I had to scrub my legs in bathtub to remove the stains, and even my hands were blue.

I have four small holes. They are barely noticeable but I will get them repaired based on Mauro stating that they will become larger with time. I have no stitching problems and all rivets are in place. The crotch reinforcement was asymmetrically attached.

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great fit. you're about my height and my size so I'm even more optimistic for when mine show up.
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Nice fit Pat. Chad, you have a PM.
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