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Recently copped: W+H wool MK-2 Our Legacy shawl cardigan W+H olive chinos Frye Brando boots 45rpm oxford Still looking to cop: scarf, toque and gloves (thinking about NDG) some kind of vest (would like the W+H quilted, but Filson might be a better value) chambray & flannel shirts grey jeans or cords (apc ps, W+H, or maybe levis) wool socks a few ties (woud like BoO or Alexander Olch, but it'll be J. Crew on sale, probably) casual blazer (Our Legacy?)
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Originally Posted by rocks View Post
Wool Peacoat
Wool/leather gloves
slim OCBD's
slim charcoal wool pants

No specific brands yet......

Finally moving out of Sofla, so I get to experience a bit of light winter......

Inapt charcoal gray peacoat courtesy of sharpservice japan proxy
PS lana wool scarf
PS london slimfit dress shirts
Incotex super 100's wool slacks
Portolano cashmere leather gloves in charcoal grey, first Gilt purchase

So far I've gotten everything on my list except the knits....
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
update - alden indy - not going to happen - would rather have alden unlined chukka anyway
ended up with some brown boots from AS - suffices
EG or JCrew Flannel - probably gotta go on the cheap and get the jcrew
flathead 3001 - kopped
wool charcoal trousers - might need to wait till 2010 for these

pretty much revised to this:
1. JCrew Flannel
2. TAT Sportscoat
3. Two Pocketsquares

And that is it for the rest of the YEAR
Kopped Epaulet Flannel - Set on that for the year
Kopped TAT Sportscoat -
Kopped One PS - One more to go
Kopped a Blue OCBD
and as above: Kopped Flathead 3001
and Kopped: Brown Boots

And I will wait until 2010 for the wool charcoal trousers
All that is left to KOP: One more Pocket Square
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No EG cape or WA field jacket for me.
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have copped
-zig zags, grey
-bamboo socks
-wallabees, brown, thrifted

must cop

-uniqlo skinny cords, brown
-tanner skinny standard belt, black
-misc. wool and/or silk knit ties
-converse skateboarding chucks, black
-AA cardigan, electric blue
-tailorstore MTM shirt, solid pale pink or pink gingham, not sure
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Update: no cops yet
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EG Kendall Jacket in Black
W+H Grey Thermal Crewneck
W+ H Grey Box Rib Cardigan
J Crew Fatigue Green Jacket
APC New Standard Jeans
Epaulet x SF Red Gingham Flannel
A lot of Basic V Necks from J Crew
LL Bean Katahdin Boots
White Jack Purcells
Tanner Belts in Natural & Black
Filson 256 Briefcase in Tan
Floto Venezia Duffel in Brown

Still need to Kop:
Crate Squire Jeans
White Gitman OCBD
Blue Gitman OCBD
Clarks Desert Boots
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Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw View Post
The Krane jacket is better by a long shot. No contest.

It's also 3x the price! The Transporter is pretty incredibly crafted (just looked it over and tried it on last night), though it probably doesn't rival the Krane. Still, there's a massive price difference.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
The only other thing I'm looking for this FW is a ridiculously chunky turtleneck in light grey or oat color.
SNS Herning? Not sure if their FW09 has anything that big & chunky though...
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Man I've been buying for fall all year. I think I'm nearly set now:

Barbour Sapper jacket
LVC 1912 sweater coat
Sugar Cane flannel
Eternal flannel
Epaulet flannel
Apolis Activism utility trouser
Apols Activism officer chino
Wolverine 1000 Mile boot
RRL chambray
SE chambray
SE denim shirt
Gitman blue OCBD

To purchase:
RRL officer chino

RRL cords from ebay. They are clown pants.
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Fall is finally arriving in the NW, though it's oddly warm these last couple days.

KMW 1950
KMW Chambray
RRL Officer Chino
Filson Lightweight Merino crewneck
J. Crew plaid
J. Crew gray chambray workshirt
J.Crew henley

Redwing Beckman's or GT's in chestnut (can't decide which model)
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Purchased: WWM field pant Sterlingwear pea coat Epaulet x SF flannel J. Crew urban chino x2 W+H two tone tiger fleece hoodie W+H diamond knit beanie Never Sleep chino blazer Obey flannel MFSC white chambray workshirt EG plaid tie Future purchase: Another Epaulet flannel, hopefully Pair of lace ups
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Amazing. Almost everyone bought the same things.
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Originally Posted by robin View Post
Amazing. Almost everyone bought the same things.

The same things they initially listed or the same things others wanted?
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