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The KOP List: FW09 edition

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So summer's here and fall shipments start getting to stores within the next 2-3 months. What's on your kop list this year?
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-r&b summer chambrays -NiCo FW09 (about six pieces, mostly outerwear)
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a good heavy wool jacket, probably WWM upland, maine guide, something like that a pair of MTM leather gloves a heavy knit
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My list:

A bunch of Alden's
Tweed jackets and navy blazer
New eyeglasses in dark tortoise/mahogany
Silk scarves
Barbour quilted jacket and vest
Filson x Apolis briefcase
Engineered Garments down vest, WA field jacket, CPO shirt, and the cape

Originally Posted by whodini
NiCo FW09 (about six pieces, mostly outerwear)
They've done a really good job this year, I can't wait to see it in person. Really tempted by some stuff.
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I'll play along. WWM Maine Guide (if they make it in charcoal/gray) A tweed/herringbone blazer (maybe EG Baker) A great flannel (intrigued by W+H) Filson x Apolis briefcase Heavy Blue knit (maybe SNS herning?)
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Jil or Raf 09 outerwear. One piece. That's probably going to be it, haha. Maybe a piece or two from H&M or something.
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Engineered Garments: Melton Field Parka, Baker in HB, and maybe one of the bags? There will be more on this list. Florsheim Duckie Browns in Blue. When you find yours robin, let me know where to kop!
Originally Posted by robin View Post
Yesss... I might have to hunt down these blue ones, maybe in brown in as well: Edit, close up picture on the left.
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- a heavy-weight, very dark navy suit - a tweed jacket - wide-wale corduroys in a slim cut - a gray wool topcoat - new, more formal dress shirts and ties - cordovan boots - new glasses
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I am going to post here, and eventually edit it as time goes on... Definite: Maybes: Really like the look of this jacket, need to see it in more detail though This Knit:
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Teger: gloves: where are you sourcing them shits? I am definitely getting at least a CDW wool vest (though can't decide which), and perhaps a new lightish jacket to wear in tandem.
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chester jeffries
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I think this is the 3rd time this thread has been created...
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Wolverine 1000 mile Garrison Montgomery Wolverine 1000 mile Garrison Burton CrateVsFarinellis SDA 103 Need some new OCBD but nothing has caught my eye. TAT suits definitery on the list since I have to go get another real job next year. Those Blue Florshiems are SICK. Don't even remotely need but do fucking want. EDIT: Holy Crap has anyone seen the 1945 repro patriot florshiem boot? my dad would love that shoe. I don't think he owned a pair of wingtips that was not a florshiem.
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-charcoal flannel, and light grey herringbone suits, tan herringbone sportcoat (TaT) -alden shell #8 longwings -random trews and shit? i dont know what else I want. prob just some impulse, deep discount stuff
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Sometimes I wish California had a real winter.. F/W is so much more interesting than S/S.
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