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Visvim Shoes

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Does anyone know what the deal is with Visvim shoes? I noticed these ones on Hypebeast that I really like but I could not find them for sale anywhere. From what I was able to find doing some searching they seem fairly hard to come by. Does anyone know if there is a place they can be ordered online? Or, are they only available in certain stores? Any rough estimates on a price point?

Thanks in advance.

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Hard to find, expensive. Lurk sufu, and expect to pay about 300 used.
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Proxy from japan is your best bet
don't get the usa line - gline or whatever - it is weak

union nyc and la carry some visvim

buttery soft elk leather
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I think those will be an FIL (Visvim flagship stores - only in Asia) exclusive...not 100% sure though. Expect 60 000yens + 10-13% proxy fees to get your hands on them.
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All of Visvim's shoes are between $325 to $500 in Japan. If you're buying from a website located in Asia or Europe plan to pay about $450 to $600.. If you buy them from Union (LA or NY), plan to pay about $400 to $500, but Union only gets one of each size, and not even all sizes or models. Don't buy the G-Line, that's made for the US market, it's not the same materials or construction. I own 6 pairs of Visvim shoes and live by them. The comfort is on some New Balance walking shoe type level. I normally buy them when i go to Japan from the FIL store but have also bought from Cliff Edge, even though their prices are high it's free shipping and they get even the rarest of models that the stores in Japan don't get.
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Does Visvim produce anything in the US 13-14 range?
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[quote=milosz;2122951]Does Visvim produce anything in the US 13-14 range?[/QUOTE

12 is the biggest and even that is hard to come by. Some models do fit bigger though but nowhere close to a 14.
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Napsize has some Visvim and ships to the US.
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i could be wrong but i know some of the new Virgil boots are only released in certain FIL locations, or maybe it was just certain colors. anyway, i usually get my visvims via proxy service - they buy it at the FILstore for me and ship it to me for a service fee
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I think those particular Virgil FOLKS are exclusive to the new FIL Kyoto.
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a proxy is your best bet. The model boot is called "Virgil" Its exclusive to FIL and its expensive. about 56k yen.
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Speaking of Vis, I have some Keifers Lo vintage and Judd Stingray if anyone is interested.
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just copped a slightly used pair for 100, hope the quality is as great as people say.
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I hear the quality is great, and the comfort is even better. I would love to have a pair of Visvims, but the price is ehhh.
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