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I do it all the time, especially in summer if I'm going to be out for a while, from the afternoon into the evening.
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It is just practical...Nothing premeditated most of the time...
I prefer my jumpers around my shoulders/neck than around my waist..
Some people are over-analizing certain looks..
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My opinion is to wear the garment as it was intended to be worn, that goes for anything not just sweaters.
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If you get out when the sun is shining and you have to come back later that same night ,it is acceptable to carry a jumper around your neck...Nothing pompous or pretentious about that especially if you do live in England where summer are shorts and humid...
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The look is not seen much in these parts, at least I don't see it around here.
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it's very 'brideshead revisited'

Originally Posted by pikutata View Post
i do it all the time. In malaysia the temperature are around 32 to 36 degrees, but during classes the air-conditioner are set to 16degrees...thats very cold over here. and i usually wear a sweater in classes

what a ridiculous waste of energy... this genuinely annoys me.
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I do it for utility, but i'm not gonna lie, i am conscious of the look it exudes. Seems very preppy. I was very self-conscious at first, but am getting over it. It's a lot better than tying it around your waist (i think fat people do this to hide the crack)
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I saw it all over in Boston and think perhaps it's a common east-coast look. My issue is that it's been parodied so frequently in movies (often times a huge douchebag doing it) that I'd worried people would refer to those images when they see me in it. Widly popular movies like Wedding Crashers or anything with Will Arnett come to mind.
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looks too 'afternoon at the country club with my whale printed pants and vineyard vines polos' for me
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I just swing my sweater over one shoulder and friction holds it there.
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It's common enough here. It can be close to 40C during the day. That makes 25C or so feel cool at night. So if you're out late afternoon then you bring a sweater.
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It's a bit too "Carlton Banks" in my opinion, but I can see the logic of doing it. It's not as bad as walking around with your suit jacket slung over your shoulder.
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I agree with the majority of posts that it depends on the situation.

Transition from cold office to outdoor heat: Not a douche

Arriving at a bar with a pink or lime green sweater around your neck when it is warm outside and paired with white trousers and sun glasses: King of all douches. The Euro-players of Geneva seem to like this look.
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I like the look, besides it's practical. You're going out tonight, it may get cold enough for a sweater ... or not. You're good either way. 

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Besides the above, with some exceptions obviously, I don't give a s__t what people think.

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