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Costume national

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do dept stores like Saks, Neiman carry anything from this maker? I've noticed some coats and shoes of theirs online lately that are quite nice. I did a search on here for discussion on them and don't see much. Anyone that has anything by them or are familiar- can you speak on the quality level, where to look for their pieces, pricing, etc.? The 2 items I am looking for the hardest this winter are plain toe oxfords and a wool 3/4 coat, and I imagine CN may be an option for these.
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I've been very happy with the quality of Costume National. The label's style tends to the sleek and modern. So do the cuts, which lean"”no pun intended"”more towards the fit models of Dior Homme and Helmut Lang than of, say, Hugo Boss or even Zegna. For shoes, of course, that won't be an issue. If anything, CN shoes run large. For coats, though, you might have to go one up from your normal size for a good fit; it depends on the item. I wouldn't say the finish work is up to the likes of Borrelli, but, on average, I'd say it's better than Prada. I've found CN at Barney's; I don't recall seeing it at Saks or Neiman Marcus, but that doesn't mean they don't carry it.
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Costume National can get a little *too* funky for me, but once in a while I find something great in their collections. I have a pair of pants and top made out of felt from them. Here in New York, Costume National can be found at Saks, Barneys, Jeffrey and at their own boutique down in SoHo. I think their clothes are well made and have no complaints about them. At least their look is distinctive.
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