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Spent the first part of the day arguing with maitre'des(sic?), running around from work to buy cards, flowers, etc.
Then took the girlfriend to Mamma Maria, a restaurant in the North End of Boston, snagged a private candle-lit dining room, celebrated the 4th anniversary in fine style, then took her back to the (dorm) room which I had cleverly covered in 36 burning candles.
'Twas a success, especially for someone as thoroughly disorganized as I.
Also got pimp my new-from-Ebay Hugo Boss suit. I know it's not the favored brand here but it fit me like a dream straight out of the box and only cost me about $85.
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Sat. a.m.: school music festival for the Gifted Child.

afternoon: First nice day of spring here in Poland, so I grabbed a couple union-made Miller Lites and made for the hammock in my back yard.

Grabbed the headphones, but which CD to listen to? After a great deal of deliberation, I take La Traviata with Anna Moffo and Richard Tucker. Everything is perfect: first sunshine of the year, no work to do, great music, especially Moffo. Later, I log onto the New York Times and find that she died the day before. Freaky.
Link to cd:

Sunday: Neiman Last Call, Saks Off-5th, Marshalls with my Gifted Child.
Score: Burberry blue-check dress shirt ($165 marked down to $39). Coach deerskin gloves w/ removeable cashmere lining ($168 for $16), and all the winter Pantherellas they had (nine) for $2 each.

Throughout the weekend I prepped for my first NYC visit by beginning a Woody Allen review: Melinda Melinda (terrible), Manhattan (great), Crimes and Misdemeanors (really great).
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Not the Poland, right? Maine, perhaps?
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I had a very nice saturday - went to a bible class at synagogue in the morning (after 20 years of being a practicing agnostic, I have become a practicing non-believing reform jew, but I happen to have a good enough education in judeism so that I am one of the people joint -teaching an adult bible class at my synagogue) gives me something to think about. rushed to the dojo for a semi private class - one of the classes I go to is at 11:30 on saturday, so it is usually just me and the 2 instructors, maybe one other guy, which makes it a great class, brought my son because I want him to understand that sometimes you can hit people, and sometimes you can't and to understand when each is applicable.
took my son to the park, a 5 minute walk from my house, on the hudson river, met 3 of this school friends. played in the playground, then blew up balloons with a pump and let them fly and had the 4 kids chase them, then made monster bubbles, and then few a loaf of aold bread to the ducks and seagulls (a good father comes prepared).

finished the evening with a dinner party at friends' house, with 3 other couples who are a little older than my other friends, and who don't have little kids. it was a very nice evening of conversation and reasonably good food.

all in all, a great day.
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Originally Posted by Huntsman
Not the Poland, right? Maine, perhaps?

I have asked mr checks that, as well.
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I looked at a videofilm from the wilderness in Yucon Territories, Canada. Nice and exciting, I loved it.
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Made a fire in the fireplace and watched it.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter
I have asked mr checks that, as well.

I think I answered elsewhere: I live in Etats-Unis; Poland is where me mum is from.
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I'll give you my extended weekend because the week so far has been meetings, class, and essay writing...

Arrived in NYC early Thursday morning from Toronto. Sat next to a beautiful woman on the plane, we made plans for dinner that night. Visited MoMA, was blown away. Had dinner in SoHo with said beautiful woman, unfortunately not much spark, left it at that. Watched "Walk the Line," parents arrived late that night. The rest of the weekend was a blur. Had breakfast at Norma's (highly recommend) and walked through Central Park, window shopped on 5th. Saw "The Odd Couple" with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broadrick (pretty good). Breakfast at Stages Deli (great sandwich, not a good way to start a day). Down to SoHo, Canal, etc. for shopping and sight-seeing (walked across the Brooklyn St. Bridge as sun set, highly recommend). Ate at Joe's Ginger in Chinatown (amazing). Saw "Bodies" at South Street Seaport (absolutly fantastic). Last day went up to Harlem, very cool. Was able to sneek into Apollo theatre and then had fried chicken at G&R Soul Food on 125th (amazing). Got to LaGuardia early to find out flight was canceled and bumped to earlier flight. That flight was the only one to leave that night for TO. There was a 300 person waiting list, feel very lucky. Got home and collapsed...

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nothing as cool as Aaron did....i love NYC. did I roll last night....the same friend who had the 'house cooling' party last Saturday night called a few of us around to help her drink some of the left over alcohol. Only about 10 of us there I guess. She had four bottles of Johnny Walker Gold Label leftover (gift from the marketing manager), so drank a couple on the rocks, ate some weird little attempted-bruschetta things she had made, and was home and tucked in bed by 10. Pretty quiet night, but hey, it was Wednesday
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Hit the sauce with two co-workers, a little heavily, at a neighborhood bar. Heard drunken confessions of all kinds of near-infidelity.
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Smoked a hookah for the first time, thoroughly enjoyed it. Not 100% sure I'm going to pass my next piss test, but the dude definitely claimed it was spearment tobacco. Sure didn't feel like any tobacco I have smoked before.

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Hookah tobacco is different from other kinds of tobacco. Cigar, commercial cigarettes, loose leaf tobacco, all are rather distinctive, too. Shisha tobacco is by far the least offensive especially in the flavoured varieties - it is quite tasty and provides a nice lightheaded effect. I doubt it was laced with anything else, because anything decent costs more money than tobacco.
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Yeah, that sounds about right. Once I get home I'm going to have to find a jazz club or something that offers hookah service. Would have been great with a nice beer and some live music.

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F this, 4th night that I struck out in a row, 'tis very sad and ashaming, I need to step up my game I suppose....
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