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how much are the shirts???
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In most cases they were under $200. Some were 65% off and others 50% off. Rlpl shirts that retailed for $425 were $149 and Turnbull sea island quality shirts were also less than $200. In both of those cases they were at least much cheaper than the sales in their own stores this summer.
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750 brioni tuxedos at C21. Isaia suits around 400. Plenty of selection as of 20 minutes ago.
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Originally Posted by newinny View Post

750 brioni tuxedos at C21. Isaia suits around 400. Plenty of selection as of 20 minutes ago.
DAMN - The Isaia's will be gone in a Flash no doubt...
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They must have brought out more Isaia because there were none this morning.
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Just at c21. Couldn't find any isaia suits- but bought an unstructured corralorosso sports coat for $175. There were a fair number of those still there
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Anyone been to a barney's sale? How out of hand do these get?

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Originally Posted by Mariokartfever View Post


Anyone been to a barney's sale? How out of hand do these get?


Stopped by today. Nothing great, it's kind of a Barney's Warehouse outlet in the city...if you've ever been Woodbury or Bergen County outlet.


Some ralph lauren black label suits/blazers and then a ton of Barney's house brand stuff. Some Drake's for Barney scarves for $100, but the patterns weren't anything exciting. Some Incotex trousers for $159 or so. Ties, socks and shirts were pretty much Barney's house brand. 


I saw one pair of Alden brown suede chukkas with a commando sole in size 11 B/D for $199, which was probably the coolest thing. Not my size, and I don't think I could flip those for much anyway, but if they were my size, probably would have picked them up.


Supposedly they are getting new stuff each day, but there was no line so if you're around the area, probably worth just checking it out. Personally, I thought the Gilt Warehouse sale was better this past spring. I picked up some Tricker's for $95 and almost grabbed some Ferragamo Tramezzas for $199. 

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Anything worth checking out at C21?
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^^No, they went down to 90% off last week, so everything is gone. Those Brioni tuxedos dropped to like $350.

I haven't seen much new stuff. There are some Jack Victor jackets and some lovely HF SCs. HF stuff is $299. Isaia shirts for $169.
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The 90% off reduction is over now? Any chance there will still be additional reduction next weekend (08/30)?

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I doubt there will be any further reductions. Everything isn't marked that is 90% off, but most is, so you can check. There was literally only a few pieces of any type of clothing in the 90% section.
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Stopped by the Barney's sale while passing through briefly in town: in 42R there's a couple of Battistoni, Campagna, and Zegna sportscoats for $821 ($1095 minus 25% off the lowest marked price), as well as a navy linen RLBL.  Just glanced at the other sizes, but there's a nice navy Battistoni in 40R and a blue chalk stripe Isaia suit for $821 in 46L.  Ties are all $39, including Seaward & Stern.  Didn't see any Crockett & Jones in the shoe section, or Kiton in the shirt section.  There were a few Isaia mixed among the sports shirts.  In the orange tag section, there were a few Simonot-Godard linen/cotton pocket squares for $19. Ended up buying a 100% cashmere pair of long black socks for $36 and 100% cotton Italian socks for ~$7.  They were very few of the pure cashmeres; most of the socks were mixes.  

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When I was in NY about 2 years ago the Barney's sale was great, since then they went online. I guess it's all gone downhill from there. @CrimsonSox What you just posted sounds good though.

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