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My sense of how investment bankers dress comes directly from I-bankers I know. I have 2 friends that work for Merril Lynch (one in London, the other NY) and my uncle used to work for Goldman in NY until he took a job in oil so that he could have more time to spend with his family. I've have asked them if they still wear suits a lot and their answers were "almost every day." I think I'll take their word for it. Then again they aren't first year analysts either so maybe that's the reason they wear suits.
GQGeek, Yes it does matter whether you're an MD or an analyst with regard to wearing a suit. By the same token, the practice of wearing a suit at an I-bank varies widely between the firm, offices of the same firm, and even within divisions, as I'm sure you know. I have friends at all the major I-banks too here in NY, and I can say a few things from my friends who work there. Through my job I also visit I-banks often since we have quite a few as clients of our firm. Morgan has returned to suit and tie. GS went casual a couple years ago and has embraced it, but most MDs still wear suits. Barclays is extremely casual, and the MDs go casual. Jefferies is very casual. Merrill depends--it's so huge that some wear suits and some don't. JP Morgan is like GS--they're casual, but most higher-ups wear suits. And the list goes on and on...I have no idea what the practice is in other cities... Just my 2 cents...
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Fair enough, thc. Any bag will obviously wear out at some point, regardless of make/material. I guess I read a bit too much into your post, sorry. When I was at Uni, my main bag was a black Mulberry scotchgrain backpack. I've had it for years and still use it now and again, it still looks great.
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Response to Prada nylon bags being girly. I agree in most cases. All but the full sized messenger bags, imo, look a bit too much like purses or a bag that a girl would carry. The large one though is pretty unisex i think.
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