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Looking for new brands

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I'm not sure if this is more of street wear forum question or this forum cause it relates to both so feel free to move this if you think it should. Anyhow... My boss is looking to add two new brands of more casual mens clothing next spring. Hes asked me what i thought and i told him more along the lines of Tee's (trovata and Rocknclothing), but was thinking along the lines of sport shirts and jeans as well so i thought i would ask you guys what you think i should be telling him to look into. We carry the following brands 1) Etro 2) Thomas Elliot 3) Josephs Cloak 4) Equilbrio 5) Alorha 6) Burberry 7) Jake Agave 8) Paul and Shark 9) Kowboys 10) Hugo Boss 11) Nat Nast 12) Alberto A few of the bigger names in casual stuff like brioni and barbera but i think he was looking for fresh new stuff the Josephs cloak and thomas elliot were new this year and were huge for us. But i wanted to see if you guys could recommend some other stuff. Thanks for helping with my "homework"
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Belvest ! Belvest ! Belvest !
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Arnold Brant.
Perry Ellis.
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Albert Nipon.
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Jay Allan tees
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