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I need help with buying a watch

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I would like to get a watch. I never had a real watch, except for my running watch. I want to get a watch that you can wear with a suit or for a casual attire. I don't know if i should get steel or leather. I have really small wrists though, like 6 1/4 inches. Is that going to be a problem? Also i'm not looking to get something ridiculously expensive either. Where should I go to find one? What brands do you think would be good for me? Thanks.
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Price Range?
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Impossible to answer without a budget.
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$100 -$200
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Bulova? Fossil? Those are around your price range. If the watch is too big, you can always get some links removed on a steel watch, I prefer steel anyway. I hope this helps
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$200? go to a thrift store and buy a vintage watch
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Seiko. Also check out You can come across some great deals.
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Check out the Poor Man's Watch Forum:

There are forums as well as a "top 20" list of lower priced watches. These go up to the $500 range but there are some great ones there for cheaper. Sadly the one I had my eye on is discontinued.

top 20:
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This forum is also helpful...

To get an idea of what watches are out there, go to and search watches there. Also, go to the mall and try stuff on to get an idea of what fits and doesn't.
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
$200? go to a thrift store and buy a vintage watch
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+1 again. Check out the Seiko thread.
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You could also consider Tissot.
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I recommend Christopher Ward. I just ordered a C3 and used the chrono10 coupon code and got mine shipped for about $220 USD. It's a quartz movement, but hard to get an automatic for around this price. I have their C5 Malvern automatic and it's a nice watch that I paid about $250 for before the prices went up.
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Don't get a mechanical watch at this price point. Anything new will be terrible quality, and vintage mechanical watches can take a lot of effort to keep running--blowing your budget.

Fossils have shit Chinese quartz movements. Your best bet at this price point will be something with a Japanese quartz movement, like a Seiko.

If you go slightly over your budget you could get something with a sapphire crystal, which is much more difficult to scratch than glass. Something like this:

If you just want a decent quartz watch that looks modern and not like something off the shelf at Costco, I have always liked the looks of Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch:

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I like Skagen in your price range. Well, some of them, anyway. The simpler designs with the steel mesh bands.
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