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I was going to make this thread last week. boxer briefs to keep the boys in check. Tommy Hilfiger make the most comfortable I've tried yet, and they're pretty ridiculously reliable.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
Blazer boxers on left, reefer suit in the center, odd whities on the right.

- B

Those guys sure are looking lovingly at each other.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post

Blazer boxers on left, reefer suit in the center, odd whities on the right.

- B

Reefer suit? And here I thought you would just wear a smoking jacket. You know everything Vox, but are you sure its the one in the middle? The one on the left is holding the pipe.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post
Those guys sure are looking lovingly at each other.

No need to be jealous.
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PRL Boxers.
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Originally Posted by bigbris1 View Post
PRL Boxers.
Puerto Rican Lover?
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due to my active lifestyle, i actually prefer the boxer briefs made by under armour.  i have both the 6" and 9" inseam, and both are really nice.  my only gripe is that each pair will set you back 20 bucks.  

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boxers daily - I have a few Zimmerli's which are super comfortable! Hard to come by though...might try RLPL (thoughts?)

boxer briefs for working out/sports, though I have no particular brand...I have some banana republic and Hanes and they hold just fine
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Boxer briefs most any time. Boxers if there is any chance that I may be taking my pants off. So, in other words, boxer briefs most of the time.
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I love this new brand: Garçon Model - They are the most comfy underwear I've ever owned! You should check them out!

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Did you create an account just to revive a long deceased thread by shilling for terrible looking underwear?
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Boxer briefs. Bjorn Borg

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I wear boxer shorts.


Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Next, Smog

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Doreanse boxer briefs. Most comfortable i have had
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Actually, I own and wear different kind of underwear. It depends what I am wearing. I tend to prefer boxers because I like to feel "free", specially because sometimes with no reason I get a boner and they will allow the room to expand. The problem is that it can be offensive to some people because I can't hide what I have and it shows through dress pants, jeans, shorts, etc. My brand of boxers are Stacy Adams,  Croft and Barrow, Calvin Klein and they are soft and comfortable without the sagging and getting in places they should not go. I absolute dislike the cheap, saggy, classic boxer shorts that bunch up in the waist and make you look like a fool.


I also like briefs because they do give your pants or jeans the perfect fit outline. 2Xist, Dickies, Cin2 and Levi's briefs. The fabric stretches gently to allow the room for the goods, but they do not become saggy either.


Boxer briefs are also a good fit and I like to wear them when my pants or jeans are a little fitting. The best for me are the athletic fit by Tommy Hilfiger


I do not like bikinis, jock straps or thongs, but that is just my preference.


there is always the choice to go commando, and I have no problem with it. Sometimes I like the total freedom, but there is always a right place for that and there are some places and situations where this is not quite right for me.



Most women said they prefer men in boxers, but when then, they feel uncomfortable or awkward when they can see my goods going half way my knee. Oh well, I decided to wear what it is comfortable to me and not what they want me to wear, after all, it is me who needs the comfort.

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