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Are you a boxers, briefs or boxer briefs man? And which brands do you prefer?
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I tend only to wear Boxers as I find them more comfortable. I am probably biased because I sell them, but I think Gieves and hawkes are great. I got rid of all my Saks and Ralph Lauren ones and replaced them with Gieves and hawkes ones because they don't have a seem on the back.
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Blazer boxers on left, reefer suit in the center, odd whities on the right.

- B
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Boxers. Sunspel make nice Boxers because (to note Fuji) of the seat patch. I believe they also make New & Lingwood's undies albeit to a larger pattern.
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briefs/boxerbriefs in the daytime (I walk a lot at work and bike in the afternoon) and boxers at night.
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I wear boxers usually, unless I'm wearing my APCs, (because they aren't streched out enough yet for me to deal with the scrunching up of boxers) in which case I wear boxer briefs. I'm starting to like the feel of the boxer briefs more now, though, so I might make the switch to them.
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Briefs (2xist), I like to know where my boys are.

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boxer briefs cku
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Boxer briefs. Fruit of the Loom.
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none of the above and I've gone that way since the start of 2006
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I wear boxers, but when I am wearing slimfit pants and want to avoid any bunching up, I wear boxerbriefs.
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Boxer briefs, Aussie Bums is my preferred brand.
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Originally Posted by Philip1978 View Post
Briefs (2xist), I like to know where my boys are.


+1 for 2xist. Best support.
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Hanes boxer breifs are where it's at.
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Boxer briefs. Ladies love 'em, but only if you've got the ass for them. Nothing looks worse than close-fitting underwear that sags in the back for lack of requisite gluteal supremacy.
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