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Top coats

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Can anyone recommend good quality topcoats that aren't terribly expensive?
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do you mean full length or 3/4? I was out on Banana Republic's site for the 1st time in months today and they've actually got some very nice wool coats of varying style and color reasonably priced.
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Speaking to the BR coats, I just purchased the 3/4 length recently, and I am very impressed and happy with my purchase.  I chose the 3/4 over the longer topcoat for a few reasons.  It was less expensive, made of better materials (a wool/cashmere blend), had a full satin lining, and was available in grey.  Neither of these coats list for over $200, so I would qualify both of them as highly affordable. Sorry if I sound like I'm making a plug for the store, but I've recieved nothing but compliments on the jacket, so I feel obligated to spread the word.   Regards, Kevin
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RIT- I think I am looking at the same jacket... I will be visiting a local BR to see it this weekend, but if it is decent quality, the price is right.
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It sure was, let me know how your little shopping spree goes.
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I was thinking of something a little more dressy than BR.
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Scnupe: What are you looking to spend? Are you looking in Charlotte, or somewhere else? I'd love to help if I can....
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Steve I'm looking to spend about $600-$800. I am looking in Charlotte.
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Scnupe: I'd start with the Off 5th in the Mills Mall in Concord. Unfortunately, unless someone's having a pre-season sale that may be the only option in the price range you mentioned. (Not that you're not willing to spend enough- I got my last one on sale pre-season in the same range). Then below are some specialty stores to try, which you may already be aware of: Fairclough and Co. Bruce Julian Paul Simon Taylor, Richards & Conger Let me know if you need contact info, and I'll send it to you off list, unless someone else would like it as well. Then I'll post it.
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Bluefly has a nice TSE Coat within your price range. I don't know to what extent you like/dislike shopping for clothes online, but this might be a good deal. Lots of sizes too.
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you might want to take a look at the classic topcoats at www.suityourself.com (a great website, i think). they have single and DB topcoats in cashmere or lambswool, by Cardinal of Canada. i think this is the best buy for the money (100% cashmere are $1097, lambswool are right in your range..)
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Great advice, Russ. The gentleman who owns that store is one of the nicest people I met in retail in the whole country. And he really knows his stuff, too. Can't recommend him enough...
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