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Removing Pocket From Shirt. Possible?

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Greetings everyone. After lurking in the Streetwear forum for a short time, I have a quick question that I feel would be more appropriate here. I have a white shirt that isn't technically anything special, however it serves its purpose fine for what I use it for. I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the pocket from it by using an unpicker (Is that the name of the tool?) and if so, would it leave any sort of distinguishable mark on the shirt? Any help would be much appreciated, especially anyone who has attempted this before themselves.
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I think somebody previously mentioned that the answer would be "it depends".
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If it's ever been washed, it's better not to try it. Chances are, the pocket will show. You have a much better chance with a brand new shirt.
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I think its called a "seam ripper" by the way
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I've used a seam ripper on dozens of shirts sometimes new and somestimes washed quite a few times. Naturally the small holes where the thread was removed will show less on oxford cloth than broadcloth. However, you can wet the area and strech the fabric up and down and side to side and the holes almost always will disappear. What works for me best is not trying to rip down the seam but rather slip the pointed end under one stitch at a time , cut through it and go on to the next stich. I start at the top where there is a double row of stitches because the cloth is folded under which will allow you to get started with the first rip without risking cutting into the shirt itself. Try it first on old shirts that you don't care about . In fact you can pick up guinea pig shirts at Goodwill and practice without worry. I find it relaxing to do this while watching some tv show I don't really care about but my wife or son thinks I should watch with them. But then I'm A. D. D. and it gives me somthing beside the boring show to focus on. And getting rid of those ugly pockets make such a better look. Don't try this on silk.
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^ Cheers ..
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I have removed pockets from a few shirts and use small curved nail scissors. I removed pockets on 2 shirts that had been previously washed but never put in the dryer (I always hang shirts to dry). To remove the holes I soaked the area with water and scrubbed the backside of the shirt front with an old toothbrush. Better than new since no more pocket.
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It's definitely possible to remove the pocket w/o probs if done carefully. You can also ask a tailor to do it. I recall my father would have Brooks Brothers remove pockets of shirts he bought there.
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