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The first two still have the Louis Boston tags attached. Truzzi - Lavender base with mid-purple stripes, and flanked with thin pale green stripes (barely visible) - Collar: 16.5" - Chest: 24" - Sleeve: 36" PATTERN MATCHING. MSRP:$325 Price: $75 Lorenzini - Gray base with light gray and olive stripes - Collar: 16.5" - Chest 24" Single needle tailoring throughout msrp: $250 Price: $65 Lorenzini on the right, Truzzi on the left. Polo RL Palmer 2x140s - Collar: 17" - Sleeve: 36" - White base with alternating navy and blue stripes MSRP: $145 Price: $45 Polo RL Philip 2x100s (unmarked) - Collar: 16" - Sleeve: 35" - White Contrasting Collar, with FRENCH CUFFS that match the body of the shirt (gray, black, white color scheme) MSRP: $97.50 Price: $35 Palmer on the left, Phillip on the right All prices exclude shipping, please inquire for exact shipping prices.  I need to visit the PO this Tuesday, so Im hoping the low prices attract a few buyers by then... check Ebay, Im usually priced under the market value even ONLINE.