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Accesorizing pinstripes

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I have a couple of Navy pinstripe suits -- a standard 2-button RLPolo and a Canali 6 on 2, dbl breasted with side vents. I am having trouble figuring out shirt and tie options. I usually just go with a plain white shirt, no stripes, and solid red tie and silver cufflinks with a red stone or just plain silver cufflinks. Any other ideas on what would work well with Navy pinstripe suits? Also, are any shoes recomended in particular with the dbl. breasted Canali? I figure cap toes or wingtips would be just fine, or are Monk straps more traditionally worn with such a suit?
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If you're sticking to the 'two-pattern' rule at work, you can still get some nice combinations out of solid white and light blue shirts, and more interesting ties. Try ties in all shades of blue, gold, silver, bronze, purple, orange (I've recently seen quite a few pale blue shirts paired with coppery-orange ties), or even pink. Polka dots are very complimentary to pinstripes, as are all kinds of geometric patterns. A pinstripe suit can also look good when paired with a white shirt with some kind of coloured overcheck, commonly blue. If your office is more casual, a french-blue shirt could work, too. If your office is really casual, you could try pale purple or pink shirts. Stripes are good, too, provided they're of a different scale than the stripes on the suit. Your mileage may vary, of course - wear your suit into a department store and try it with whatever colours catch your eye at first glance. Most people will say that if you're wearing a double-breasted suit and a tie, you should wear lace-up shoes, and I'm not going to argue. But then, if it looks good, who cares? Enjoy, Nick.
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Monkstraps are actually formal enough to go with double-breasted, although I would avoid wingtips.
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I've gotten away with a blue/white pinstripe shirt and a tie with dots (not a polka though). The shirt had fine stripes and the stripes on my suit are rather faint so it works well. I'm going to try the light-blue shirt/copper tone tie combo - sounds interesting. It's also refreshing to wear a brown belt and brown shoes with the navy suit. If your'e adventurous enough, make them light brown and have your shoes stared at and admired. Bjorn
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Last time I was in Italy, many men I noticed were doing the brown shoes/navy suits deal. Looked very elegant.
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If you can pull it off, a light, barely pink shirt.
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