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Will you be carrying orSlow for FW16?
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Hi @edubs01


We will be carrying some of the orSlow aw16 collection! Including some pant and shirt styles among a few other things :)

Sadly, I do not have an exact time frame for their arrival but I do know they should be online before the end of October.


Hope that helps!


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Hey Philip,

Will you be getting the WTAPS x Vans collab?
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Hey @pantheist


Great question! We will be releasing a few styles of the WTAPS x Vault by Vans collaborations soon including all but the Parka shown at the link below: http://hypebeast.com/2016/8/vans-vault-x-wtaps-sneakers-and-parka


Release Dates:




Hope that helps!



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Hi Everyone!


The styleforum September code goes live tomorrow! So feel free to use the following for 15% off your next order:




Normal conditions apply. Exclusions being Alden and Online Gift Cards.


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!




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@PhillipNSCO, do you know whether the main compartment in the Comme des Garcons SA6400 wallet is large enough to hold unfolded dollar bills?

Also, is there a plan to restock the classic / non-florescent SA6400? I'm referring to this: http://needsupply.com/classic-sa-6400-black.html

As opposed to this: http://needsupply.com/glossy-black-leather-sa6400fl-1.html

No hate on florescent wallets; I just like the classic style better, and the lower price doesn't hurt either. smile.gif
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@PhillipNSCO any word on your orSlow delivery?
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Hey @notwithit !


I apologize for the delay! I was recently out of office for a bit. However, I have looked into this concern a bit further. 

Unfortunately, I do not see an order placed for the Classic SA-6400 at the moment. The closest that we have to offer is this style in off white:



We do not currently have a Comme des Garcons accessory order placed but I would expect something of the nature by the end of the year if not early next spring season.

Lastly, and sadly, this model is not quite big enough to fit unfolded bills in. 


Sorry about that and hope this helps! 





P.S. I would suggest checking back in a few months to see if we restock this item and signing up to be notified on the product page if it does come back in stock:


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Hi @edubs01 !


I just checked into that PO again! Sadly it has not been delivered quite yet but we will know by the end of October as that is our cancellation date.

However, I would expect them to arrive and go live within the month of October. If I hear anything further, I will happily reach out to you via PM.


Hope that helps!




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Thanks for the heads-up. Bummer that the cash compartment doesn't hold unfolded dollar bills. I bet those jerks at CdG designed it to hold Euro bills but not USD. smile.gif

I was hoping to simplify to something more front pocket-friendly than my current wallet, the Bellroy note sleeve, but it sounds like the SA-6400 wouldn't work for me.
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