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Ties do you have?
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I guess i have more than 100 or so.
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about 200 with periodic culling and editing
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They say the truly wealthy have so much money that they don"t really know how much they have. I may not have much else but I guess I'm wealthy in ties.
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I hate it when a message is posted and the title is vague. I usually don't click on it. But for Ernie....
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Scores and scores...never counted them. Most are vintage, some 80 years old. I just love the patterns. The older, shorter ones I wear under sweater vests.
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I presume this poll includes bowties as well as long ties. I included my bowties, which kicked me up into a higher bracket
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about 2000
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about 2000
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How much do Mulberry Wood, FIHTies and Carlo Franco have?
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newtrane: I assume you had to buy a separate house for your ties. Seriously, I thought Andy had a lot of ties when I read at his forum that he has over 300. But 2000?.
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What is left? How many socks?
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I've just seen some Brioni ties on ebay which are tempting me. I now have over 100. If I keep giving in to temptation, I'll be heading toward Andy Territory.
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More than 50 less than 75. I'd like to winnow it down to about 25 or so. Edit: if one could only have 20 ties, what would they be? I'd probably go a few classic solids, polka-dots, repps, foulards.
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What is left? How many socks?
Don't forget underwear.
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