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Black tie event today

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Can some one tell me some tips on tieing a better bow tie, mine always come out terrible, perhaps I have an incorrect method, please share your method.
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practice, practice, practice. I personally prefer the somewhat asymetrical look of a hand tied bow tie. I purposely try and mess mine up a little.
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Let the left side hang at least 2", probably more, lower than the right side.  Wrap it around the thin part of right side one, then fold it in half and hold it in that position with your left hand.  Using your right hand, bring the right side's thin part up over the front of the folded wings of the left side so that it bisects them.  Wrap it tightly around those folded wings of the left side. Now, this is the hard part.  Using your right thumb, push open a small hole in the thin part of the right side that just made the loop, behind the folded wings of the left side, then slowly use that thumb to work the middle of the right wing through that hole.  Don't worry about how it looks yet.  Once you can see both the top and bottom edge of the right fold, stop pushing with your right thumb, take that right fold with your left hand and pull gently until you feel the knot start to become snug.  Don't pull it tight.  Keep it loose so that you can make adjustments with both hands.  Typically, the left side wing -- the first one you folded -- will look OK, but the right side one will be way out of balance.  Work both wings until the folds (front side v. back side of each wing) are more or less even.  Give the knot one final tug -- equal pressure on each side -- so that the knot is secure but not tight. It's easier than it sounds.
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I hope the AC is's 96 F and humid where I am right now (North Dakota). I'm sitting in my air-conditioned home very, very still.
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Thanks Manton, the bow came out much better last night. It was'nt too hot, but after dancing etc. it did yet quite sweaty..
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jmswentworth: Think of the bow tie knot as "the same as" your shoe lace knot. How to Tie a Bowtie Start with end in left hand extending 1½" below that in right hand. Cross longer end over shorter and pass up through loop. Remember the motion is similar to tying your shoelaces... Form front loop of bow by doubling up short end (hanging) and placing across collar points. Hold this front loop with thumb and forefinger of left hand. Drop long end down over front. Press right forefinger, pointing up, on bottom half of hanging part.  Pass up behind front loop and... Poke resulting loop through knot behind front loop  Even ends and tighten by pulling on the loops. Andy
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