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Proof of intelligent design.
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man his leg is going to be in major pain when he wakes up.
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I call a set up. No hunter would face an open clearing when there's a perfectly good forest right behind him. Anyways, I've fallen asleep plenty of times while hunting. The rewards don't always come in the form of a harvest. Sometimes you just want to be out in nature, relax,  and let the sounds put you in a sort-of meditative state... which sometimes leads to slumber. Funny picture, though.
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I actually fell asleep in my duck blind one morning many, many years ago. The sun came up and was soooooo warm. When I awoke with a start I looked at my wristwatch and realized I had fifteen minutes to drive into town and to my high school where I was to take my college entrance exam. I made it to the test site with about a minute to spare, and wrote the exam in my hunting clothing, stinking ever-so-slightly of fetid slough-bottom.
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