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My shoe rotation and handmade bespoke Burmese teak wood shoe cabinet - Page 3

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Very nice.
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So when are you going to show us some good shoes?

Just kidding. That is awesome. While the cabinet is not my style, it is still a very beautiful piece.
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Wow, Wow, Wow.
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It's great to see some well worn shoes. They look like they've seen a lot of action!

Are you still buying? or taking semi-retirement?
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Very nice, what do you do for a living and how do I get in?
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Love those JL Chapel in brown museum. Are those parisian or dark brown??
Cannot see myself wearing the suede Chapels though.
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Originally Posted by aportnoy View Post
The force runs strong in you, Padwan!

I am one of the few that has been privileged to see the wooden structure that Andrew had built to store his shoes. here it is:

All I can say is that it's North of NYC and overlooks a river. It's very crowded too.

To the OP. Words fail me. Spectacular comes to mind.

PS: I just noticed that it appears that you've worn most of these beauties and that you even have a black monk alligator pair. World class with great taste. Wow!
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beautiful piece of furniture and a fantastic selection of shoes....i am soooooooo jealous!!
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Schuh - Vergnügen!
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Originally Posted by SpringCleaning View Post
Please do not take this the wrong way, but to clarify, my main cabinet holds a selection of 30 shoes which I can rotate every four to eight weeks or as I fancy. You might note that the Lobbs represent a range of years (the new, outlandish designs look better on your feet than in the catalog). I prefer to think that I am more organized -- some may say obsessive-compulsive -- than Andrew and I actually wear my shoes.

I doubt that this suffices to bait Andrew, but let us try: I see your carpet and raise...

See you at the Edward Green sale. Ray has already received this year's instructions.

Out of interest, how do you look after your shoes in storage? By the time you get round to wearing Monday #1, you're some weeks down the track. Do you use a touch of neutral shoe cream or leather food, polishing and cleaning excepted? I'd be worried that the leather would start to gradually dry out. After all, they are expensive shoes and worth looking after!
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May I presume that, since your feet probably rarely touch anything other than carpet or polished wood flooring, you would never think to put Topy &/or heel and toe guards on such shoes?

Given such extended stretches between wearing, I would also wonder if the leathers would die before the heels or soles ever needed refurbishing. Do you ever bother to refurbish?, or simply donate them to drooling SF members when ever you tire of a specific pair?

What is your size, please?

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Why was I never told that sysdoc was back !?
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Real "old growth" teak? From Burma? Now there's a two-fer. Shoot any tigers on the way to the store?
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There must be over £800 of shoe-trees alone there , I don't even want to think about the cost of the shoes. I take it you must have a collection like this insured?
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very awesome! great taste.
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