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My shoe rotation and handmade bespoke Burmese teak wood shoe cabinet

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(edited to resize photos following the barbaric yawp of the new member) Good day dear friends of the iGentry. I returned some time ago from a long series of travels and realize how much I have missed having my full wardrobe available. With a nod to my yankee friend Mr. Andrew Portnoy who introduced me to this forum, I decided to take photos after rotating my shoe rotation and sending several weary pairs for a long rest in storage. Please allow me to share the small joy that sees me out the door each morning and do partake in my precious moments of solitude before walking off. What you see is a large bespoke shoe cabinet (approximately 1.2 by 2.2 by 0.5 meters) made of grade "A" Burmese teak wood inspired by a fusion of French and Chinese furniture styles. The embellishments are hand carved dragons and lions, the Chinese symbols of power and protection. There are nine dragons all in all (two above the shelves, three below and one on each leg), and three pairs of lions, with the male playing with a globe and the female a cub. You might recall seeing these kinds of stylized stone lions at the doors of buildings in the East, and I am glad to have a few (albeit wooden) beside my front door. And now on to the contents... (left to right) Row 1 (Mondays): John Lobb Vintage 2001, Dark Oak, 8000 last Edward Green Churchill, Black, 888 last Edward Green Chelsea, Black, 202 last Edward Green Carnegie, Black, 888 last Edward Green Chelsea, Dark Oak, 888 last Row 2 (Tuesdays): Koronya Shoes beta version, "Marcell" prototype last Edward Green Hythe, Burnt Pine, 888 last John Lobb Philip II, Brown Calf, 7000 last Edward Green Berkeley, Burgundy, 82 last Edward Green Lichfield, Burnt Pine, 82 last (left to right) Row 3 (Wednesdays): John Lobb Abbey, Black, 1105 last John Lobb Chapel, Brown Museum, 8000 last John Lobb Fould, Black Alligator, 8695 last John Lobb Vale, Black, 8000 last John Lobb Hemsby, Bronze, 8000 last Row 4 (Thursdays): John Lobb Aintree, Cashew, 1105 last John Lobb Hallaton, Chestnut Museum, 1005 last Edward Green Perth, Dark Oak, 808 last John Lobb Marston, Dark Oak, 7000 last John Lobb Vintage 2007, Blue, 1105 last Row 5 (Fridays): John Lobb Aintree, Dark Grey, 1105 last John Lobb Chapel, Sea Green Suede, 8000 last Edward Green Southwold, Tobacco Suede, 82 last John Lobb Luffield, Brown Suede, 8000 last John Lobb Giono, suede rubber sole, 8896 last Row 6 (Saturdays): John Lobb Hallaton, White, 1105 last John Lobb Medbourne summer shoe, 1105 last John Lobb Cheltenham loafer, Parisian Brown 1105 last John Lobb Buckingham loafer, Chestnut Museum, 4098 last John Lobb Buckingham loafer, Ardilla, 4098 last Some friends from Swaine Adeney... I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of an ornery, reclusive old codger's musings. For the curious, I had this shipped all the way from Singapore after over a year's wait, due to the wood import headaches to the handwork and finishing. Sad to say, the box is worth a good portion of the contents, but I have rationalized in the most admirable Style Forum fashion and divided the sum by 500 years multiplied by 365 days and decided it was an incredible bargain. Ah, the sterling was worth more then. David Ditcham (instructed to mislead regarding my identity, of course) Barossa Furnishings 478 River Valley Road Singapore barossa at +65 6471 2042
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Fantastic !!!!!!!

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This is beautiful. Great cabinet and a nice selection of shoes.

Thanks for sharing!
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Wow. Just wow. I am truly envious. Care for any donations???
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Excellent idea, nice pictures of your collection and thank you for taking the time to describe them all in detail

I now know what I will do with my teak cabinet (converted to a TV cabinet) once I buy a new flat panel TV.
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That my friend is wonderful........ both the cabinet and the array of beautiful shoes you should be proud !! All i need now off you is your address and when you are next travelling..........PM please
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I'll take one from each row please!!! wonderful, wear them in good health!
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Wow, excellet collection.
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Impressive, to say the least
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simply an incredible collection
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