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Driving shoes-good for everyday use?

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Hey guys, I'm looking at buying some Salvatore Ferragamo Cusco 2 driving shoes. Are they okay for walking on the street, etc?
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There's nothing to stop you from walking on the street with them, and i do see people doing that. however, they'll probably made of softer soles and will wear out much, much faster than regular shoes.
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Depends on the type of sole. The kind with soft leather soles with little rubber nubs sticking through are not going to do well on the street. The kind with the overmolded rubber sole do just fine for the most part. Those hybrid ones with the dress-type sole and the weird square rubber pads just look like an abomination, so I wouldn't worry about those. IMO, of course. Not sure what type yours are.
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Sometimes I will wear mine to the movies etc. if it's just a few blocks away.
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probably also depends how and where you walk. i've found that i'm pretty hard on my shoe soles - i'm talking regular leather dress soles. it's like i'm pressing the shoes onto a grindstone or something. i guess a driving moc wouldn't last me 6 months if i wore them regularly on the street. from now on i'm putting topy's on all my new soles. ...although i would like a pair of tod's, for hanging around the house and, uh, driving. /andrew
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