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I too agree that the gauntlet should be buttoned, but that is not my purpose for replying. Since we're talking about cuffs and buttons I wanted to bring up something that's just been bothering me for a while now. That is cuffs with double buttons. Not vertically where both can be buttoned, but horizontally where you can choose one or the other. This to me seems to be a bit sloppy, or at least I think it looks sharper to have only one button. I would go as far as cut the extra buttons off, but I don't want a bunch of small holes there where the threads once were. Anyone else feel likewise on this situation?
Yes I agree, I believe it makes the shirt look impersonal and cheap.
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This extra button often the only feature of a cheap shirt that is supposed to signal better quality. The idea is that one can select a button depending on one's wrist size and cut the other away. Typically, the inner button is much to tight for any wrist so it's always useless and only for show. I the real world, I think it signals a cheap shirt that's making an effort. B
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I always offer my customers the choice of having a sleeve placket button or not having the button and button hole on the sleeve placket or guantlet. My feeling is that if you will remember to button it, then it looks good. If you are the type of person who will not button this button then leave it off. It is more important on a French cuff shirt then a button cuff. If you look at your button cuff shirts and then your French cuff shirts, you will notice that the underside of the sleeve placket is turned differently. Hey, I bet lots of you guys never noticed that detail on your shirts. Some shirtmakers have a horizontal button hole on the sleeve placket. this is not a good thing though it looks nice. The buttonhole will end up going through the actual hidden part of the sleeve. This makes shortening sleeves by moving the sleeve placket very difficult. Most ready made shirts have a cuff circumference which is larger then it should be. Hence the reason for the second button.
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Most ready made shirts have a cuff circumference which is larger then it should be. Hence the reason for the second button.
And such is why Ricky Ho is $500 richer because of me.
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Regarding the "two buttons" for different sized wrists. I cut both buttons off of every shirt and then re-attach one to the proper location. It takes me 15 minutes to modify a new shirt so the cuffs fit perfectly. -Tom
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Tom, I have done this as well, although it's annoying and still you must admit that it is still inferior to having the fabric cut properly in the first place. Plus, with french cuffs this is not possible.
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Sorry, I'll clarify: No black fabric with navy fabric. e.g. no navy jacket with black pants, wear a tan, gray or navy overcoat with your navy suit, etc.
oh god yes
I have worn a blue 3-button SB suit with a black vest before, and it looks quite striking. Jon.
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Cheap shirts don't have them, and strangely, nor do the really expensive Hilditch & Key and Charles Tyrwhitt shirts I have.
Kiton and Burini don't have them either, but I'm not complaining.
If I properly recall H&K uses an overlapping sleeve gauntlet that allows for an almost button-like closure. Jon.
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