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Me and Wifey are thinking about going to Babbo for a special dinner. Anyone here have an opinion about the place?
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I loved it. The room is warm and inviting, the food is spectacular and the service is excellent, albeit mildly pretentious (they "prime" the wine glasses by pouring a little in, swirling it around and pouring it out - give me a break).
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Love it.
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Isn't Babbo a detergent that was popular in the 1960's?
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An absolutely wonderful restaurant. If I were looking for a romantic Italian with my wife, I would go instead to L'Impero.
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Thanks, everyone. We're booked, and looking forward to it.
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About a year ago Babbo sued a local Austin gelateria, also named Babbo. The gelateria held a contest to pick a new name -- while giving away copious amounts of gelato gratis -- and settled on Teo's.
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