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I have nothing to do with London's bombs

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I am innocent
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Do you have an alibi? French people don't count, we all know that they are terrorist sympathizers.
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I'm sure ernest was busy looking for a job.
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He's lying.. Ernest is actually an international terrorist working against all allies of the hated Quartz timepiece.. His legacy: His father is a trained Serbian clockmaker turned French citizen His holy battle: To rid the world of unseemly timepieces. His method of destruction: Attempted Electro-Magnetic Pulse disturbances (failed) Casualties: 40,000 Seikos and 150,000 misc other cheap Taiwanese counterfeits. 14 men killed due to chemical reaction with business attire: a brown suit with brown shoes. Many victims rumored to be shouting "Oh God, I'm no FAAAARMER..." while losing consciousness. This person is considered armed and highly dangerous. Upon inspection, he might be wearing a Patek or Breitling timepiece, and will react violently and in a suicidal fashion upon hearing that he has a cavity or any other dental condition. (PLEASE NOTE: The above facts are all little-known jewels about this mysterious French delight we all know as Ernest. The question is: Which of these are authentic and which are merely prose?)
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Is that you behind the frosted glass Mr. Chirac ?
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I don't believe it ernest.  I think you are guilty.
I actually think he's telling the truth. Planning a terrorist attack is a lot like work. And as we all know Ernest doesn't work.
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I believe there is a sales clerk at Dunheel who can provide an alibi.
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When I was younger Belfast city centre, the main shopping district would regularly get bombed byn terrorists, and as a result there were frequent bomb damage sales where the entire stock would be reduced just because of some flying glass or minor smoke damage to some of it. Great bargains could be had. I wonder if one of these devices was destined for somewhere in the vicinity of Hilditch & Key?
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