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Hi all

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hi all, i am really really happy to have found this forum, btw as my nickname suggests i am from italy (a little city near Milano), i am 20 and my biggest passions are cars, racing and having a good time... forgive me if i make some mistakes while writing... see you...
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Can you show your white paw and write a paragraph in Italian?
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what's a "paw"? comunque vorrei salutare tutti voi di Style forum e augurarvi una piacevole serata
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The forum has had a number of people banned who came back under other names, so I just wanted to joke that you needed to prove you were actually Italian. The white paw is a reference to a children's tale where a wolf tries to pass as a lamb, and dips his paw (foot for an animal) in flour and shows it under the door to lambs barricaded inside to escape the wolf. Benvenuto a bordo.
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Welcome to the forum Francesco, enjoy .
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Ciao Francesco - What city are you from? You'll see many members here have a great interest in your country for sartorial and cultural reasons.....Are you a calcio fan?
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Welcome: if you stay away from the political arguments you will find it very nice here. By the way, there are some tifosi here, and many fans of Italian clothing.
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