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Eye glasses are a hell of a drug...I used to buy a pit a year but cut back to one every 2 years...eBay can be your friend for frames but won't help with the lenses.
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What glasses does Colbert wear nowadays?

They're much more flattering than the thin metal rimmed glasses he wore on TV for so long.

Apparently, he wears these glasses in his personal life and decided that they looked good, so he kept them on for TV.
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Originally Posted by Sam H View Post

Was I upsold on useless addons or is this the normal price of a high end lens? Keep in mind I did want better lenses and so if all these improvements give me lenses that aren't thick and reflective and vertigo-inducing I'll consider it worth it. But I guess I'm coming on here to ask if I'm an idiot for not thinking lenses were expensive or an idiot paying that much for lenses.

Overall, I think the recommendations were quite reasonable. However, the prices for these add-ons seem a bit on the steep side. Keep in mind, I am speaking from the point of view of someone within the Australian market.

Firstly, your prescription is in the moderate range for short-sightedness, so you will definitely benefit from a higher index material in order to minimise the thickness of the lens. 1.67 is a solid choice. I would expect $235 to be a decent price for a 1.67 lens.

Secondly, the recommendation for a digital/HD lens in order to reduce the "fishbowl" effect was also quite reasonable. From what I am guessing, this is a form of digital aspheric lens that is designed to give you the "same" prescription regardless of where you look through your lens. Normal "non-digital" lenses will be clear when looking through the centre of the lens but tend to get blurrier if you look more towards the edges of your lens. Of course this is also affected your prescription, frame choice as well as your natural viewing habits through your spectacles. Whether or not this upgrade will make a difference to you or not is a tough call. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people can't notice a difference at all. In general, more people would find it beneficial. $100 for this seems reasonable.

Lastly, the Crizal Avance coating is a type of multi-coat. Every lens company has their own range of multi-coats. I am assuming the Avance is one of the better ones. As with all multi-coats, it reduces reflections on the surface of the lens which can help with such things like glare from oncoming traffic when driving at night or getting that nasty reflection off your glasses in flash photos. The Avance, being a new coating, also makes the lenses more scratch resistant and easier to clean which is of course always good. $190 for a multicoat is quite expensive from my experience.
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