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Originally Posted by troika View Post

I'm particularly feeling the Dita, and the first TF option


For god's sake, do not spend money on Tom Ford glasses. They're made by Marcolin, which is basically the same thing as Luxottica.


I don't know why you're trying on another pair of Oliver Peoples, as you said you wanted to get away from Luxottica.


Dita is fantastic. They're expensive, but they're very well made. Oliver Goldsmith is nice, too, but I haven't handled those frames much.


If you can find a pair of SALT frames that suit you, then they're definitely worth buying if you like them. Do keep looking at the line. I never thought I'd find a pair that fit me, but then one day I did, and now they're one of my favorite pairs of glasses (next to my Mykita Mylon frames). Anyway, SALT is a California-based brand. You shouldn't have trouble finding them in the Bay.

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Originally Posted by troika View Post

What other brands should I try?


I just remembered: Gotti might have some frames that you like. They definitely make some in the size you would want, and their frames aren't too expensive--especially in comparison to Dita or Tom Ford. They make a lot of attractive frames, too.


They're available at a lot of stores in the Bay area, as well. Just check their website.

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thanks @ultravisitor


@Tramlines what am i looking at? looks pretty good 

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Oh - OAMC Optics from Japan.   Handmade, superb quality.   One of the few specialist frame makers who construct their lenses with pantoscopic tilt so that the frame sits square on your face, balanced, and the lenses are tilted so that if you are really tall, you don't have to bend your head down to see short folk, or if you are short, you can look up without having messed up faints from vertiginous diplopia.    They also scallop out the frame so that even though it looks thick and solid, carved from 6mm acetate, it is surprisingly lightweight in comparison to standard acetate frames. 



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Just checked them out - unfortunately none of their pairs are wide enough. They only go up to 50mm

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How large are you looking for?


I wear 46mm...thought 50mm was plenty!


Any bigger, it looks like those women with extra large goggles wearing Ugg boots lol.  Yes - in summer. 

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Originally Posted by troika View Post

Just checked them out - unfortunately none of their pairs are wide enough. They only go up to 50mm


Just an FYI: lens width is not the best way to figure out what pairs of glasses will fit you. For instance, I have a pair of Mykitas that fit really well, and they are 57s. I forever thought afterwards that I'd have to find such huge frames to fit my face, but since then I've found pairs of glasses with lens widths of as low as 49 that fit me well.

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Is anyone familiar with the brand Yellow Plus (made in Japan)?
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Can anyone ID what frames colbert is wearing?
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Anyone know what frames these are?:

edit, I found them.
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The problem with OAMC frames are a lot of them are canted a bit at top which never works for me. Flat or slightly curved down on the outside just works better and feels less feminine.

Isn't panascopic tilt something that has to be set based on the height of the person wearing the glasses?
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Hi there! I'd like to know what brand of sunglasses Tulip (Ruth Negga) is wearing in 'Preacher... Any ideas? Cheers


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For those of you looking for Mykita Sunglasses - I just ordered a few pairs through the following site:

You get 15% off your first order, and with the strength of the US dollar relative to the Euro, most frames come to around $270 US. I also emailed the store's owner (Daniel), who said he'd be able to order almost any pair of sunglasses directly from Mykita, and he'd still be happy to apply 15% off of the order. Pretty solid deal - almost half of what they sell for in the US. Just let him know you found his info on styleforum.
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My eye doctor yelled at me about my contact lens habits and told me that my days of sleeping in them need to be done. Despite FDA approval to do so, she told me it's very bad and she was seeing cornea scratches and to start getting used to the idea of maybe wearing glasses some days or at least have a pair of glasses you like because 24/7 contact use is not going to cut it anymore.


Anyway I'm sure everyone will be happy to pile on about this, and I know it's stupid but anyway, here I am.


So I decided "you know I hate glasses because as a kid they were limited to what my parents would pay for and as a college student, the pair I bought and never wore was limited by my sad budget at the time".


I decided to go to Oliver People's because I'm at the point in my life where that's expensive but not prohibitively so and if I'm going to wear glasses, why not splurge.


I have a very short timeframe as I am supposed to take a 5 day break from contacts, so I didn't do too much research. I know OP is just high end Luxottica but honestly, Luxottica has always impressed me. My sunglasses from RayBans and Persol last forever without babying. I get it's a huge conglomerate or whatever, but that doesn't bother me on some principled level and my experience with their sub-brands has always been positive. OP has nice styles.


I went in knowing what I wanted; some sort of dark brown acetate turtle shell typical 2005-present style glasses. Previously I've only ever owned metal frames which now make me look like I should be 15 and have spiky bleached hair.


After trying a few on the lady showed me a pair that was actually really good, way better than the disappointment I felt putting things on my face at random and looking in the mirror remembering what life before contacts felt like. After browsing some more, I settled on those.


"$300. Okay, thats reasonable for some eyeglass frames. I spend half that on sunglasses and these are something I'm going to need day to day." Then I ask about lenses. LOL. I really have no baseline for how much this stuff costs beyond my cheap lens/frame combos I bought when I was younger. She starts quoting me $500. I'm like "with the frames?" Well obviously as you are all aware, no, not with the frames.


So I'm starting to realize I'm actually on the verge of a $800 purchase not a $300-$500 purchase. But I really just need to buy glasses ASAP, that's not a fun amount of money to spend for me but not beyond my means either and I like the ones I've found. Furthermore, I wanted pricier lenses, I have -4.25/-4.5 and my lenses in all my other glasses I've owned are such garbage compared to contacts. I don't want thick, glaring lenses that always fish bowl.


So what she says she is selling me is lenses that have antireflective coating, that are thin (but not the absolute thinnest which she says is not needed for my rx) and that are "digital". And according to my receipt this all checks out. $190 for Crizal Avance which looks like some kind of high end coating for scratches and glare. $100 for Digital/HD. $235 for OP SV Hi Index 1.67. These are NOT progressive lenses.


Anyway she said that Digital/HD is amazing and the fish bowl effect does not exist. I couldn't tell if that was an upsell or a true statement (she wore glasses) but she convinced me. So basically long story short, I spend $525 on lenses today. I really did no research as I should have given the ASAP requirements of this purchase. Was I upsold on useless addons or is this the normal price of a high end lens? Keep in mind I did want better lenses and so if all these improvements give me lenses that aren't thick and reflective and vertigo-inducing I'll consider it worth it. But I guess I'm coming on here to ask if I'm an idiot for not thinking lenses were expensive or an idiot paying that much for lenses.

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