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can anyone ID these glasses?



video found here: http://laika85.tistory.com/m/post/117

its the first video

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I've to change my 12yo eyewears because they're not in a good shape. They're a pair of Armany rimless (by Luxottica) and they're made of plastic (arms) and stainless steel (the rest). Steel never broken, they just lost a screw from one hinge some years ago.

I've had a pair of Silhouette rimless hingeless titanium sunglasses as well ("the matrix" style) that had broken something like 5 or 6 times through 10 years of usage both at arms (bending points) and at the 2 endings of the lug.


Now considering my bad experience with Silhouette which titanium is considered one of the best ones for frames, I'm very doubtfull about what material lasts more for a rimless eyewear, steel or titanium.
What are your experiences with rimless spectacles made of steel or titanium? Which did last you more and what were your "habits" (usage just at office or else)?
I considered Lindberg and Blackfin too but they're too expensive for my.


Thank you in advance for opinions and suggestions.

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Any recommendations for a store in NYC that carries both high-end frames and good bang for your buck type frames? I honestly don't know what brand to look for and I am hoping the store has enough of a selection and be able to help.

Years ago I went to H Optics, and may return, but was wondering what else is out there.
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In my opinion, Ray-Ban has better lens quality than Chanel, Gucci, Guess etc. Agree or not?

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