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Looking at getting some new frames again, anyone know of anything similar to these face a face ones that aren't pushing $600? as much as I like em, that's probably a bit more than I'm inclined to spend on glasses right now


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Hey, an eyeware thread. smile.gif

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For those of you that own Lindberg glasses, how comfortable are the nose pads? I switched to ones without them after my nose would get a bitt sore and red after wearing them all day.

I have always found the round pads on my Corona('s) quite comfortable. Never had irritation or pressure spots.
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I have never worn glasses or needed them beyond sunglasses or shooting glasses.  I'm middle aged now and I need readers. 


I work around a campus where I am inside and outside all day long.  I dislike the idea of 2 pair of glasses cluttering up my jacket or bag.


I want a pair of readers that are Photo-chromatic and progressive bifocals.  In other words, glasses that are readers below and no adjustment up top.  My friend who is a pilot has some of these and he swears by them.


If I find a frame that I like where is the best place (probably online) to get Photochromatic progressive reader lenses for my frames?


My frame worries are compounded by a large head.  So I am hoping to disentangle the drama of finding a wide frame from the drama of getting my "one pair to rule them all" - glasses that I can use as readers and sunglasses (when walking around).


Thank you

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Longtime wearer of glasses. I've been wearing Cutler and Gross for my last 2 frames going back 8 years. Still love what I've been wearing but feel I'm overdo for a change.


After learning about Kadoya Jinjiro glasses, I've been trying to find more info about them. They make frames using old-school celluloid. Know a little about the material. Mostly that it is very flammable. And that it can get brittle over time.


Do you have any experience with celluloid frames in general, new or vintage? How do they hold up? Do they require special handling or care? And do you know anything specific about KJ frames? Do they do something to the celluloid that they use to overcome the material's drawbacks?



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Looking for frames with small lens (very strong prescription) and longer temples (7 5/8th inch hat size). Any suggestions? I'd settle just for a recommendation of quality frames that I can get with longer temples.
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