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Looking at getting some new frames again, anyone know of anything similar to these face a face ones that aren't pushing $600? as much as I like em, that's probably a bit more than I'm inclined to spend on glasses right now


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Hey, an eyeware thread. smile.gif

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For those of you that own Lindberg glasses, how comfortable are the nose pads? I switched to ones without them after my nose would get a bitt sore and red after wearing them all day.

I have always found the round pads on my Corona('s) quite comfortable. Never had irritation or pressure spots.
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I have never worn glasses or needed them beyond sunglasses or shooting glasses.  I'm middle aged now and I need readers. 


I work around a campus where I am inside and outside all day long.  I dislike the idea of 2 pair of glasses cluttering up my jacket or bag.


I want a pair of readers that are Photo-chromatic and progressive bifocals.  In other words, glasses that are readers below and no adjustment up top.  My friend who is a pilot has some of these and he swears by them.


If I find a frame that I like where is the best place (probably online) to get Photochromatic progressive reader lenses for my frames?


My frame worries are compounded by a large head.  So I am hoping to disentangle the drama of finding a wide frame from the drama of getting my "one pair to rule them all" - glasses that I can use as readers and sunglasses (when walking around).


Thank you

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