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Originally Posted by compety007 View Post

hi, i'm from spain and i need some advice about glasses, i read this forum ( not for complet) .what is the brand with the best quality/price??? i know mikita, ic! berlin, lindberg are good but i'ts also expensive for me, maybe prodesign it's cheaper but the models that i like don't. my rx is low (-2.00), and please tell  me something about crystal, i want a zeiss platinum because i ear it's best. but i'm note sure about that.

-i need frames comfortable ( i only used eyeglasses), with great build, i'm don't mind if the material is acetate, ultem,metal...mixed...
-i use computer everyday and i'm usually feel tired my eyes .
- i need something with a good antireflective, antiscratch, and if is possible antidust.
-i need a good nose pads eyewear or something light, because heavy eyeglasses cause me headhache .

sorry for my terrible english, thank you very much

Mykita, IC! Berlin, and Lindberg have the best strength/weight balance. If you need lightweight, Silhouette makes some that aren't as strong as those, but are even lighter. They make more sense to use as glasses than sunglasses because the arms bend rather than fold.

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Hi everybody!


I am very new to this forum, and really happy that I am here!

Could you please help to find an alternative, possibily on a lower budget for the Mykita Helmut glasses? I tried Persol 3007V's but the fram just felt too skinny to my taste.

Mykita is not available in my country to try on, but I think I would really like it.


Have a nice day!


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What is the best Japanese eyeglasses brand? 

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@CityConnection Hi City, do you know about the quality of Thom Browne's made in Japan glasses? For example http://blackoptical.com/products/tb401-3.
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I'd be happy to answer any question you have about Thom Browne eyewear. I can tell you that it is a personal favorite brand of mine. I own a couple pairs (I even wore them in my wedding I love them so much) The Acetate is of the highest quality. The fits are absolutely incredible. A lot of the quality comes down to fit and design as well. 


Are you familiar with Dita? http://blackoptical.com/collections/vendors?q=DITA


Dita manufactures Thom Browne if that helps give you an idea of the quality. 


Let mw know if you have any other questions.

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