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So I just got my glasses from *gasp* Lenscrafters. I bought them there because of my insurance policy but I probably didn't end up saving much overall. Each pair was like $400 each with the high index lenses, coating, roll and polish. I did stick to the Persol and Rayban as per city's recommendations.

My prescription was OD -650 -025 130 and OS -750 -025 055 SV Distance. I took the sales associate's suggestion for 1.67 index, AR, and roll and polish. She said I wouldn't gain that much more by going 1.74 over 1.67 with rolled edges and at the cost of 1.74 I didn't think twice. I was wondering if she was right though in recommending that I get smaller, rectangular, plastic frames in order to hide the lenses. I originally wanted to get one pair with large, round lenses and she said that even if my eyes were in the center, my lenses would be noticeably thick and look bad even with 1.74. She also recommended against wire frames so it seemed like my options were very limited. Would you agree with this sentiment? I guess I could still return my glasses if need be but that would be uncool so I probably won't. I can post pictures showing the thickness if that helps. Thanks.

Also, anyone have opinions on Dailies Total1? Worth the premium? I have dry eyes that usually get red after a day of wearing contacts.

Dailies total 1 is pretty awesome, really comfortable... worth the price? depend on how you can tolerate other lenses I suppose...