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Is it normal for B&M locations to be selling frames at above MSRP? Last two places I've been have done so (SALT and Tom Ford frames). Are they just taking advantage of people w/ VSP?
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MSRP = manufacturer's SUGGESTED retail price. if the b&m is in a high-income area, i wouldn't be surprised.
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It's not an issue of lack of familiarity with the acronym. In practice, for most products, MSRP is effectively the maximum amount you'd expect to pay. I'm just curious if the eyeglass industry is (for some reason) unusual in this regard.
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no, a lot of shops price differently too. amazon prices are often lower than msrp, blackbird ballard prices are higher than msrp (i will never support blackbird again after hearing about how they treat the designers they buy from)
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Hey guys, just a quick question about color options. I'm planning to purchase a pair of OP Bernardo sunglasses and I was wondering which color frame you guys think would look best between a matte black and a glossy black finish. 

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90 gloss

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90matte


I'm also interested in the tortoise shell colored frame, but I'm not rich enough to get all of them so which color would you guys prefer out of the three choices?

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And a description about hair, dark brown eyes, light brown skin tone. 

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matte black and tortoise
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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. If you don't mind answering, why wouldn't glossy black be a favorable choice for you?

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matte black just looks sleeker
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The style above is called disco aviator by the seller but when I googled the term some other stuff showed up. So..... I have an exact same copy that belonged to my dad. I changed the lens to prescription clear ones... I'm just curious as to the origins of this design and when exactly are people wearing this. I'm not that concerned about looking retro or whatever, for me it's just a cheaper alternative to buying new ones for the moment. Kinda suits my wide face well. But yeah, any info regarding the design aspect would be appreciated!
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I'm acquiring a second Lunor frame and, as kind of a perfectionist in certain things, I want it to be as meticulously like the frame Steve Jobs wore in his last years. Of course I don't know if he wore exactly the same one all that time, but whatever....

Some have written the model was Ideal I 380, but the illustrations I've seen of it don't look identical to the frame in his photos. Too much space in the hinge area. Most, including Lunor itself, identify his frame as their Classic Rund.

I'm trying to find out if he got the Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Gold, or "Platin" (I assume this refers to platinum). As far as I can tell, these are all plates of some sort over stainless steel. I also wonder if he got the nosepads, which are "optional" with this model.

Does anyone have any inside information here? Thanks!bigstar[1].gif
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Anybody know what sunglasses the lead singer is wearing in this video?



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Which face shape do I have? Also which type of sunglasses suit my face best (slightly wide nose)?

How are these?:

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I've seen one website where the author said the version Jobs wore of Lunor's "Classic Rund" was the AS (Antique Silver). Another article says the PP 9 ("Platin") but translated as "Silver." Could both the right. Wonder why Lunor calls it "Platin" and not "Silber," or not "platin" and "platinum." In any case my optician says this doesn't mean the actual metal, as in silver plated or gold plated, but a coloring or possibly the actual metal used in the processing of the stainless steel. I'm getting the "Antique Gold" - particularly if it's the same as the model in the store's showcase. However, if the optician is wrong and that's the Antique Silver, which he says wouldn't look well on me, then they might have to return the frame and get me the one like in the store. I'd be interested in seeing the two others, too, but that would be very difficult. This particular opticians, the only one in Greater to carry Lunor (as far as I can possibly tell), only has a handful of Lunors in stock.
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Repeat so deleted.
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I'm finding more information. Jobs already had a Lunor frame in 1998 and worked with someone at Robert Marc, who came up with the round lens idea and the other details. Jobs had a number of these apparently - in various metals. Don't know if he ever had the solid gold or silver, etc. or always with the stainless steel, like we can get today. The guy ordered the Antique Gold (with the stainless steel) for me but we'll
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