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Should the temples both hit the surface? lunor22623.jpg 32k .jpg file
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Anyone have a good retailer for Markus Ts? There is a place here, but they want $260 to make the lenses which seems ridiculous for my relatively low single vision prescription.
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Can someone recommend me a pair of glasses that are not only sturdy enough to function on a factory floor, but simple and classic enough that they can also work while I am back in the office?

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How active is this thread still? Need help ID my face shape

I think it is oblong

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Hmm anyone know what does Gary Oldman wear in TDKR / similar styles? Looking for an understated everyday pair in tortoise-shell.
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Originally Posted by blindAsAbat View Post

I'm looking for advice on buying lenses for my glasses. I've decided on the Oliver Peoples Denison glasses in matte black (Size: Large 53-17-135-33-145 and was a little stunned when they recommended lenses (1.74 high index from Oliver Peoples) that cost $500 in addition to the cost of the frames! I then wandered into an optician in Chinatown where they recommended the 1.67 index lenses for $170 (offered the 1.74 for $300). My prescription is pretty bad: OD -7.0; OS -8.0 - 0.5 x 160 and my PD is 0.69. Will I be able to tell the difference between the 1.74 and the 1.67 for my prescription in those frames? And should I be concerned about the quality of lenses at that price from a random eyeglasses shop in Chinatown? One of the reasons I'm buying new glasses is I got cheapo lenses on my last pair several years ago and regretted it because they are so thick, but I don't want to spend an extra $130 for no real reason...  Thanks for your advice.

For that frame size, your pd, and your rx I would tell you just to go with a 1.67. If you want thinner and lighter and don't mind spending a bit more the 1.74 is always better, but it comes at a price.
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Sorry for being MIA guys. I have been super busy at home with a little one. But I'll try to answer as many questions as possible.
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

Hmm anyone know what does Gary Oldman wear in TDKR / similar styles? Looking for an understated everyday pair in tortoise-shell.

Not 100% positive but I want to say those are OPs. Im pretty sure I read that or saw it somewhere.
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Originally Posted by nineohtoo View Post

^I don't know how to answer your question, but I happen to be interested in the same frame. I love how they look and fit on me, but I'm not entirely thrilled with them. While they don't feel cheap, I can't help but feel like I'm paying too much for what they are. I feel like it makes sense to just buy contacts and occasionally wear my old glasses. Can anyone make a suggestion of something pretty similar to this style(matte black is a must) and size, but with maybe a better hinge design or something? Or am I asking for too much for acetate? Thanks! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Not at all! In terms of style and quality vs. price, I think you can find much better product. Depending on what draws you to this frame I'm sure there are tons of alternatives. Personally, I think OP is over rated.
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Originally Posted by peerless View Post

Hi, I am looking to get a lens with an index of 1·67 for a frame with a base curve of 7 for single vision. However, I am having difficulty finding a reliable answer from several opticians that I have visited as to what product I should choose such that I will have no peripheral distortions. Apparently, everyone else’s product is either fake or won’t work except the current one that I am being shown at any given optical store.

From what I could gather from Nikon’s online materials, SeeStyle is only available for specific base curves of 3, 5, an 8, making it unsuitable for my frame. SeeMax talks a lot about using a double-aspheric design to make as flat a curve as possible, which again is contrary to what I am looking for. However, there are various opticians for each that vehemently insist that only it can be made to fit my glasses without distortions. Aren’t there any digital, free-form lens designs that can accommodate an arbitrary base curve and offer a coating to reduce blue light in the likes of SeeCoat Blue?

I understand what you are saying but it is subjective. Distortion that bothers you may not both others. Also, a +7bc is quite wrapped and you will get distortion. You can go with a free form single vision lens in a wrapped frame but the lenses are going to be thick. As well, depending on your frame you may not need a +7bc. You can move the position of the bevel to accommodate for the curvature of the frame.
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Originally Posted by filcol View Post

What do you think of those? I have a small oval face, short blond hair 232

It will make you look rounder. The color is nice but depending on the color of your hair it could make you look more colorful or more pale.
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Originally Posted by shipbroker View Post

What would you recommend for a young guy working in a relatively casual office. Mostly
Dress shirts and trousers with brown loafers on. I'm a portly fella with a round face and I've been told drama with sharp rectangles would help define my face. Brown skin tone but I would like a tortoise shell color maybe a darker one? Please advise. I'm based in Singapore unfortunately and only mass market or no names are available at brick and mortar stores. Had ray ban wayfarers made into prescription glasses but they kept sliding off due to the weight and since they got bent out of shape (am hard on glasses) the problem got worse. They also looked kinda goofy on me. I hear TR90 is a light and strong but am not too sure how to identify them in the stores.

In general, Wayfarers are terrible for RX. First off, they are difficult to adjust (not impossible but difficult) and they just don't sit properly for an RX. In terms of what you are looking for, you are bang on, you should be looking for squareish shapes and in terms of color, it is limitless. Don't think that you should be confined to tortoises only, nowadays there are lighter browns coming our as well as 2 tones. Even a black and crystall 2 tone would probably look good.

TR90 can be identified by how well it bends, the finish, the paint, the print, the hinges, the pad arms...BUT, for the layman, just ask the dispenser. It will save you a lot of time and effort to research it.
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Originally Posted by RedfordWinds1990 View Post

What style of eye glasses would these be called, and where could I get them?

Vintage. The shape can be described as a P3. Look for older Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Persol and Zeiss. All will be well made and the style you are looking for.
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Originally Posted by kalye View Post

City connection, some help on the best maker of wire frames?

In terms of...
use of material?
hinge design?

It is a very broad question, it is like asking "who makes the best button up shirt?". If you are more specific I might be able to help out some more.
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Originally Posted by Broder View Post

I have used a pair of Miltzen by Moscot for a while now and I couldn't have been happier, I think they fit my facial structures, my personality and my style very well. Now, when summer finally has come, I would really need a pair of sunglasses, preferably a pair of clip-ons (if there is something that works with the 'Miltzen'). Where and what should I look for?

I would suggest instead of getting a pair of clip-on glasses, why not just take your glasses into a B&M and get them to make you a custom clip-on? That way you keep the glasses that you love so much and you can use them all the time.
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