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Hi guys... what are some specs brand i can look at with the budget of 200 to 300+ usd?
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Originally Posted by ambivalence View Post

Hi guys... what are some specs brand i can look at with the budget of 200 to 300+ usd?

Is this your budget for frames or for both frames + lenses?

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and what do you recommend if im finding for frames +lenses
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For the price, I'd probably go with Moscot. I've always been a big OP's fan (and own a few models) but am not as impressed with the newer, made in Italy frames - they just don't seem to warrant the premium price like the earlier, Japanese made versions. Also, the new Tart frames are not the same as the vintage ones. Original, made in New York "Arnel" frames sell for ridiculous amounts on the web ($500+ although you may find a black pair for less). And buying old "plastic" frames can be a crap shoot as their condition can be questionable. The new ones are made in china and probably in same factory as the Moscots.
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Originally Posted by ambivalence View Post

and what do you recommend if im finding for frames +lenses

Well at that price you won't be limited that much for frames.


As CC has pointed out, even if you do buy the frames (and lenses) online, you'll have to go to a B&M for hotbox fitting.


For frame styles, that's totally dependent on you. CC has a good list in the op for his brand pics, my most recent frame is an Anglo American.


Is there a frame or style you have your eye on?


It's my opinion, in most cases, you won't see a world of difference between frames at that price range unless you're looking at some thin surgical steel frames handmade in Japan or something.


If you'd like a bit of choice between new and old, at least for some ideas.


Dita is a bit out of your range, but they have some really nice frames too.

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Im looking for some classic frame that suits my oval face..
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Reading old posts-- this Oliver Peoples Gent frame is a classic panto/p3 shape, but done in metal.  It is similar to numerous Giorgio Armani frames, new and old.   The way the temples hits the front is similar to Armani model 132 from late 1980's.     The problem i have this with Op frame is the lens size is small, I went to the link and it is a 45 or 46.  I wear size 49-20 in metal framed panto/p3 style and I have searched all over and all of the Oliver Peoples frames of this style that I have been able to find online or at stores have lens sizes no larger than 47mm so I wont buy them.  Mykita also have a couple of models with this panto style but again the lens size is 46.  I had some words with a Mykita sales rep at a local show about this.  What I am wearing are Safilo Team 3900 which come in 49-20 and various other sizes smaller and larger.   Also i have some vintage Giorgio Armani frames ie model 138 and 147 from the late 1980's/early 1990's that came in sizes 49-20 and other sizes larger and smaller.    Giorgio Armani has some new retro models that have this sort of design that are available in size 50-19, or 48-21, etc depending on the model.   I have the Giorgio Armani 454 in a size 48-21, its a little more oval than I prefer but nice.   

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Warby Parker only sells single-vision lenses.  I need progressive or bifocals.  That means i cant benefit from the package discounted price of frame from lenses that they sell.   I can get their frames and have them lensed locally but its not as good a deal, they dont take off much $ if you dont get the lenses from them.   Also i could be wrong but last time i chcked they didnt sell high index lenses either, even in single vision.


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Considering Drivewear lenses (specific brand/model of photochromatic/polarized lens)-- my rx is -4.0 with 1.25 add.   I have an assortment of glasses now with cr39, 1.61, 1.67 with 

Varilux comfort progressive or bifocal lenses-- including some tinted non-polarized and some polarized lenses.   I have no problems with what i have now but there's tradeoffs with the materials

and the bifocals/progressive lenses as you know.  I think the peripheral vision's very slightly better with bifocals.  I think the clarity of lens is slightly better with cr39 than 1.61 or 1.67.


Id like to try Drivewear for bicycling and driving.   But it doenst come in high index 1.61 or 1.67.  Only in cr39 or polycarb.   Aside from materials then i have to choose the bifocal or progressive option (as far as i know its only available in a progressive design called Image which probably isnt too bad but not what i have now.)   I'm thinking my best option for Drivewear is a plano clip on lens form one of my current eyeglasses.  Or maybe dont get Drivewear at all because I am doing ok with my 1.67 polarized progressive lenses (but Drivewear sounds nice.)


Any thoughts on whether to try Drivewear based in my situation and the material options with Drivewear?

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Speaking of Moscot, anyone know if they do the same try-on service liek warby parker? I wanan try on their danee, hyman, prior to actually purchasing one
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Originally Posted by Lafont View Post

Who is familiar with "Executive Line" bifocals and in what situations are they recommended? My wife has macular degeneration and recently underwent cataract surgery in one eye. She waiting the month post-op and got a presciption was was poor for close vision. Doctor revised the prescription but recommended "Executive Line."

Executive line bifocals are bifocals with the line all the way across the lens, horizontally as opposed to a D-shape insert reading lens, or a circular insert reading lens (which is used more in Europe.)   Executive lines are not widely prescribed compared to the other 2 types, because the line is a lot more visible.  The advantage of executive type is that you have a wider potential field of view for the reading portion of the lens, but whether it makes any practical difference, it may depend on the size of the frame, etc.

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I think the reason it is called "executive" is that it is something that might be most useful for someone doing very heavy reading, such as a copy editor or someone reading contracts all the time, etc.

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Originally Posted by imnotfat View Post

Sup guys,

Looking to get a pair of prescription sunglasses now that summer is around. I know it might be tacky..but I don't want to deal with contacts.

My eye sight is -4.00, -.75 and -4.75, -.75

Majority of my glasses is 1.67 HI INDEX...but I don't want to spend so much on a pair of sunglasses.

If I was to use a 1.56, would my lens be TOO thick? Thanks.
My rx is -4.0 but i have a +add not a minus.  I generally wear 1.67 hi index in thin metal frames and that's fine.  But to save money, i tried some thicker lenses in plastic frames (ie SHURON SIDEWINDER) and I found that in clear lenses, the frame hides the thickness of 1.61.    Also in tinted lenses, even cr39 (which I think is 1.50) isnt very noticeably thick in these plastic frames.   So if you are using a thick old style plastic frame particularly with tinted lenses, you can use thicker lenses to save money and get away with it.  Also cr39 and 1.61 have a higher clarity than 1.67 hi index (called ABBE value, you can google that.)    I feel i can see very slightly better with my cr39 and 1.61 lenses than my 1.67 lenses even with the same rx.


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Originally Posted by Stitches View Post

Oliver and Moscot are of lesser quality than the Tart. However, the Tart is really over priced.


Tart recently relaunched after the first owner died and someone else bought the rights. They rereleased the Arnel frames originally at $200 then bumped the price up to over $400. If you're willing to pay that price, I'd say buy a pair of vintage Arnel's off the bay.


I'm fairly sure that the relaunched Arnel's no longer use functional rivets (the metal on the sides).


Apart from that, they are just frames which all look very similar. I would really prefer the Tarts but I could live with the Moscots or OP's.

Thanks for the info.Considering the price of the Arnel I think I could live with the Moscot as well,since they both look almost identical.Does anyone here owns the Moscot Lemtosh or OP's Sheldrake have a close up pic on the nose pads?From the web pics,I can't really tell if they have wider nose pads..


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Reading through old messages (see below) - - this is my favorite style.  It is called panto or p3.   I started wearing them in around 1989, a Giorgio Armani frame model 138 (which is almost the same as model 147.)    Very recently Giorgio Armani has come out with some retro frames that are similar.   I dont recall the model numbers but if you look on you can see them.   


From my reading/googling so i could find out what these are to look for replacements 2 years ago (before the new retro models came out from G.A.) I discovered that the style existed way before G.A. put out the frames in the 1980's.  This style was made by a company called Algha in England prior to WWII.  Post WWII they were considered welfare glasses in England because the style was one of the ones available from the government medical program.    The Algha company or its decendant company morphed into what is now called Saville Row which is sold by Berkshire Chase and is available online.  But they dont come in black, which is my favorite color that Giorgio Armani's frames came in in the late 1980's.   The frame that Harry Potter wears in the movie is one of these style frames and Saville Row made some black ones for him for the movie but they wouldnt do it for me when i inquired,


This style frame is also one of the styles John lennon is known for, and he is wearing one of these style frames in a famous photo/poster where he has a t-shirt on in NYC.


In fact after his death there was a line of John lennon brand frames licensed by the estate, that has differnet model frames and one of them is this panto/p3 style.


The Randolph Engineering company sells one of these style frames (see  However until recently they were only selling it in a size 47-23 which is the size that the Navy submariners use, but recently they started selling it in size 49 lens size, but i dont know the bridge size, i think it is 22-ish.  (I like 49-20, thats the size that my Armani ones were.)


There is also a model by Shuron (see called Ronstrong but i got one of these in a 50-19 and didnt like the proportions.  I'd like to try the 48-21 but never got around to it.


Aside from Armani, some of the other popular makes of this style (as mentioned in this thread) were Calvin Klein and also Ralph Lauren/Polo.  In the original question asked with a photo of a young person wearing one of these old frames in the 1980's, it looks to me to be a Polo frame.  It has some ornate scrolling on the bridge and is a combination of fake tortoise shell color on the frame and temples, and a gold color bridge (popular color combination then.)  I like matte black which is much harder to find in the vintage frames.


Before G.A. issued the new retro models (which arent exactly the same) and before i found some old Armani frames (I had to find the frame numbers etc), I discovered the Safilo Team 3900 model (which is sold on and and is similar.  Safilo is/was one of the manufacturers of Armani brand frames.   The model 3900 frame doenst have exact panto/p3 proportions and is a very thin metal, so it has some pros/cons compared to the old frames.


The Berkshire Chase/Saville Row frames are still available but as far as i know you cant get a 49-20, they sell it in a 49-22 which isnt my best size.   They also dont sell it in all black, you can get silver or gold finish, and then have that plastic stuff applied on the temples and around the frame in the lens area.

This frame style has been worn by many famous people ie Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movie, etc.


The Polo models I have seen used, vintage, are almost all fake tortoise color with gold metal bridges,etc and that color combination to me seems very dated and doesnt work well for me.  Most of the old Armani model 138/147 i have found are this same sort of color combination too, the solid color black and grey-silver are much harder to find.



Originally Posted by Ryan112390 View Post

Originally Posted by CityConnection View Post
Try looking into Giorgio Armani, CK and other brands like that. They all made that shape in the early 90s. You might not find as many on Ebay and such because they are not all that popular yet. Also, most of the people who like that style are still wearing them.
Ok--And was there a particular name or nickname for that style (for example, the glasses that were popular in the 80s were called "Aviators"). What sort of dimensions would they have to have to go from near the eyebrow to just above the nostrils? EDIT: I found a website I think sells something pretty similar: is reputable?


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