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Originally Posted by oldpreppyguy View Post

Thanks C.C.! I actually never thought about asking them to "match tint." The last pair I had made - which didn't work out too well - I asked for something like "grey 5" after being shown basic color choices and tint levels. When I suggested that they didn't come out as dark as I had hoped I was told the lens simply wouldn't "take" any additional tint. I'll bring something for them to match next time.

Any lens can take more color. You can make it as dark as non transparent. But in any case, take a color sample that you like and ask them to match tint. Takes the guess work out of the equation for them too. Either it is correct or incorrect.
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Originally Posted by stormin10 View Post

Honestly, I would say if they fit you should buy them. I have purchased three pairs, and I have never been disappointed and their customer service is impeccable, Idk if you are familiar with Dita but the quality of Salt I would say is on par.

Yep, I ultimately bought them and have been very pleased so far. I'll try to make it down to LA in June to pick up a spare pair or two if I can. $40 is way too cheap to pass up.
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Originally Posted by kato0291 View Post

Hey all,
Could anyone place what brand of eyeglasses Ryan Gosling seems to be wearing nowadays?
They seem to be a standard semi-round shape, keyhole bridge, tortoiseshell, with no brand markings to be found. The man looks sharp.
The closest I could find is the Persol 3007 model, very similar shape, but with the trademark persol chrome arrow - something I'm not too keen on.
Thank you!

Dude is starting to look like James Dean:

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Can someone post some pictures of people wearing the Townsend? I love them, I just happen to have a small head with a narrow, somewhat long face and would like to see how these generally fit.

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anyone know the brand and model of those glasses worn by Oliver in Harry's Law? thanks.



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I picked up a pair of used oliver peoples frames and went with a low-budget online place for replacement lenses, which were $75 shipped for 1.55 with anti-glare/UV/anti-scratch coatings.

I opted for 1.55 instead of 1.67, so due to thickness they had to be filed down a bit on the edges. The beveled edges gives the glasses more of a "halo" effect. The weight is okay and doesn't bug me. But he beveled edges aren't really professional, and kind of spoils the effect of having stylish and thin OP frames.

Plus, switching from 1.67 to 1.55 is kind of rough on the eyes...


Oliver Peoples (1.55), custom-cut

Warby Parker (1.6, I think ) for comparison, from manufacturer

What do you think, should I bite the bullet and get some better lenses?
If so from where? (I should just call OP huh)
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^I'm jealous that you snagged those for that cheap even though I know they don't work so well for my face. I'd get better lenses but I don't know where to suggest, as I probably pay too much where I go locally lol.
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Haha thx yeah I should have just sprung for better lenses, considering the deal.
I have a big, hairy head so they work pretty well.
I mentioned the beveling issue to my wife and she couldn't even see what I was on about.. so whatever, I might just wear em for a while and see if it bugs me after a month.
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Been perusing this thread since info on Gosling's glasses was posted. Also discovered Depp's glasses as being exceedingly similar, the Moscot Lemtoshes.


The Warby Parker Fillmores are basically identical to the Lemtoshes and nearly identical to Gosling's Barton Perreira Gilberts if anyone's looking for a budget alternative.


Personally, I'm not sure if circular frames suit me yet so I'm going to order a free pair of Joseph Marc 4103s from Coastal/ClearlyContacts just to try 'em out:



Also, while browsing Coastal/Clearly I found that the Joseph Marc 4102s are literally the exact same frame as Warby Parker's Winstons, just with a different plaque:




... of which I already own the burgundy fade version.


Just goes to show that this stuff all comes from the same place in China someplace and just has different labels stuck on it.


So for anyone who's been eyeing the Winstons, wait for Coastal to have another free giveaway and just pick a pair up then. :)

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I'm looking for a pair of glasses with sharp angles, I have a large round face smile.gif

Looking for something modern and assertive, this would be my primary pair in a professional environment.

In terms of other general style, I like Italian style slim suits and shoes, or when casually dressed I like dark denim, shirts and black military styled coat or sport coat.

I tried these (Oakley Socket 4.0) on and liked them, any others I should consider?


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Where's the best place to buy olivers people frames?
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Originally Posted by meso View Post

What do you think, should I bite the bullet and get some better lenses?
If so from where? (I should just call OP huh)

Hey CC,


I think most of us have run into this problem at one point or another. How would one go about getting new lenses? I'm not talking about heading down to the local lenscrafters, I'm talking about getting some Zeiss lenses.

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Just had an eye exam at this place near my house. Dude was pretty thorough.

He said something along the lines of my having a large optic nerve (or something like that, kinda worrying)

My nearsightedness has also gotten worse - heavier precription

He also dilated my pupils so now I'm walking around looking like this and everything's hazy looking

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Hi cityconnection, what do you think of these vintage diors? Worth it? Thinking of buying, I have found two websites. One seems to have a better kept version than the other. I'm asian and have an oval shaped face


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