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I like what I've seen from Westwood's anglo line. I bought my wife a jacket (but it is now in the B&S forum due to size...) however a great, affordable piece. A bit young but totally wearable.
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Originally Posted by Eric Stoner View Post
Agree with your points LA Guy. I'm certainly not into the rather niche whimsical look - although accents of English eccentricity are welcome.

This is why I was pleasantly surprised with some of the collection in Selfridges at the moment. Any other Londoners had a look?

I've recently got back into Westwood after about ten years. I've always loved the choice of fabrics and the cutting which is exemplary, but as always with Vivienne Westwood a quarter of the collections are absurd, a half so-so, but the quarter that is good is very good indeed and this is where the reputation and the retrospectives come from.

I have two fitted shirts from the Autumn Winter 06/07 season and one of the three button collar striped shirts from the current one. The fit is amazing and the fabrics beautiful and they are very wearable indeed.

You have to excercise a certain amount of discretion though with Westwood, as good buyers do when they select items from the collection, although I think Liberty's choice this season is probably better than Selfridges. Always worth checking out the Westwood flagship store on Conduit Street especially at sale time.
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