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Les Copains

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Can anyone tell me about these ties. I saw a few patterns i like on the internet but don't really know much about the brand? Are they worth $60-70 each? What brand of ties are they most similar too?
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I've wondered about this brand too, as about 9-12 months back the Filene's Basements in DC got in large shipments of Les Copains. Some of it looked pretty nice, but I didn't bite as I had/have no experience with the brand and it was still priced pretty high.
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My discount retailer in Japan sells Les Copains ties for about US$30.  The construction of the ties I saw was to my liking, but none of the patterns was appropriate for my purpose.  There were quite a few pastels, oranges and pinks.  If one of the ties were in a color I liked, I wouldn't hesitate to get it for $30. But, if they were  $70, I'd wait to save a bit and get another Carlo Franco tie. Just my two cents.... Bic
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Les Copains is an Italian designer company about the same rank as Byblos.
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I have a Les Copains tie I picked up in Rome about two years ago.  I knew nothing about the brand name then (and I still don't) but I just liked the look and feel of the particular tie.  If I recall correctly, I paid about 60 euros. I like the texture and the thickness, and it ties a good knot.  My only complaint is that on the particular tie I have, the silk seems somewhat fragile and I fear it could be prone to snags. All in all, it seems like a respectable tie for what I paid, but for me, it was mostly to have a souvenir from my trip to Rome.  If you say you've found them for $60-70, that would be definitely at the upper limit of what I would pay for them, and then only if it were one I really liked.
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I believe Les Copains is primarily a designer of women's fashions. I think they have a store at Madison and 68th.
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I have an apple green Les Copains tie that I was happy to find at Filene's Basement for very short money (but then I try to spend less than $20 on a tie). I don't know about their women's wear, but Les Copains seems to do a lot of knits (sweaters, polo shirts and the like) in addition to sportcoats and the occasional suit. Interestingly, while colors and cut are youthful, often vividly so, the detailing of their tailored garments seems utterly traditional (I can't speak to the construction). I hope this information is helpful to you.
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There's an ebay seller who offers "LES COPAINS by Zegna" ties. Is there a relationship between Les Copains and Zegna? I had assumed from his ads that Les Copains is just a line of ties offered by Zegna.
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I have assorted items by Les Copains, most of them purchased from Daffy's in NYC. Not sure where it is sold at retail. The main line is well made, well styled conservative stuff, sort of Brooks Brothers Goes to France. It is little known in the US, and is undervalued on ebay. At Daffy's, the shirts, which supposedly retail for 120-140, go for 30 or 40, which is a good value. There is also a Jeans Les Copains line. I have no experience with the ties, however.
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There's an ebay seller who offers "LES COPAINS by Zegna" ties.  Is there a relationship between Les Copains and Zegna?  I had assumed from his ads that Les Copains is just a line of ties offered by Zegna.
It's funny you say that, because I am wearing my one and only Les Copains today today and I was just thinking about how much it reminds me of my Zegna ties. I'd say it's very much on a par with Zegna, clearly a notch below my Brioni and Charvet ties, but way ahead of my Armani ties. The one I' mearing is a chocolate with baby blue flowers. It's silk but has a knitted texture. Conservative tie and it works well with a baby blue dress shirt. I bought the tie on Bluefly for like $40 or something. Well worth it.
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They have tons of Les Copains ties that have pretty nice designs at Century 21 for under $30, maybe even $20 IIRC. Definitely some of the best looking ties at C21, considering the disgusting patterns they usually have available.
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Would concur with the generally postive comments made about these ties, esp if you can find something you like at a low price point. I have two - one bright salmon pink and one a gold/tan, both solids with a really interesting texture/weave - that I got on ebay for about $30-35 each. They tie a good knot, look sharp, and the quality seems to be there in terms of construction. At that price, I'm more than happy with what I have
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Originally Posted by thinman
There's an ebay seller who offers "LES COPAINS by Zegna" ties. Is there a relationship between Les Copains and Zegna? I had assumed from his ads that Les Copains is just a line of ties offered by Zegna.

Yes, that seller claims they are in fact made by Zegna (not one of Zegna's lines). While that is entirely possible, I have never been able to verify this fact. From the Les Copains ties I have seen in discount stores, I would say they a notch below EZ. Nice ties, especially at $20-$30 but not quite Zegna.
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With the proliferation of nice ties readily available on steep discount, I wouldn't pay $60-$70 for any RTW tie unless I had to have it because of the pattern. For that kind of money (well, just a little more), I'd go bespoke from Mulberrywood.
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BTW, where do you guys get your nice ties at discount? I generally look for something at Century 21 or once-a-year sales by good designers, but are there other places to get them on a regular basis (i.e. not an annual event, but rather a store or site)?
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