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I think most people can pull off this style IF/WHEN the lenses have anti reflection coating. When you do not have this coating, it reflects a white color which makes it look cheap. When getting geek-chic glasses please get the anti reflection coating so that it looks geek-chic and not like a "loser". No offense to those who do not have it. It is just an observation and a piece of advice.
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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post
No offense taken - What do you think the issue is? I just ordered a pair of Lanvin frames that should arrive soon which are more squared off.

Probably a bit to do with the angle like someone said and I think it just looks a little too small on your face. Actually I take it back though because you wearing it is a lot less offending than some of the other people in this thread rocking their 'nerd glasses'.

I just don't think the whole nerd glasses thing is a good look for an Asian. I've only seen some people look good in it and on a lot of people it looks like they're trying too hard especially if they're not very good looking to begin with.

But yea I take back what I said I'd say it's not perfect but it's not a bad look for you. For you it kinda gives off more of an artsy creative vibe than a trying-too-hard vibe.
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I am looking for the Diamond Codova black frames w/ clear lens. Can't find them anywhere. They retailed for $95 when they came out last year but now they are sold out everywhere. The price was ideal for me because I really don't need glasses; these are just for fashion. Considering Classified's 50mm frames in black...price cannot be beat. Just hoping they're not too small. I attached the Diamond Cordova frames...Let me know what you think....


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