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Help Needed with Alden Shoes

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I've posted on the AAAC forum as well, but really need all the help I can get.  I'm looking for a lace-up wingtip, preferably in burgundy, and am considering the Alden shell cordovan bal, #974.  However, it is a massive shoe with the double sole and all.  Is it too big and clunky to look good and refined with a suit?  (The 975 blucher is even larger it seems.)  Should this shoe be worn only in a casual context?  Or with bulky jackets like tweeds?  Any thoughts on this would be really appreciated.
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I think the 974 in shell cordo would be great with a 80s or 100s navy blue or charcoal medium weight or heavier suit. If we're talking a light colored, lightweight suit that's in the 150s or whatever, the 974 in shell cordo is probably not the best choice.
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I asked that same question a year ago.  I bought the 974 (cordovan bal wingtip on the Tremont last).  My feeling is that the shoe was not worth the price (~US$475), if only because I could have found a much more attractive wingtip from an English or French maker (less clunky, indeed) for around the same price.  It's a double sole heavy muther fucker.  Excellent for winter wear, best for flannel wool or dark fabrics. That shoe is fine with a suit and tie, not just sportcoats.
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Alden has a cap toe in cordovan which is a single sole. Don't remember the model number but you could call Alden of Carmel and they could tell you. I plan on buying it some day -- think it would look great with a lighter weight suit because of the single sole.
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Thanks guys, a lot.  You have confirmed my fears about this shoe.  I have begun to crave a pair of shoes in shell cordovan--mainly because of all the #$%))(*## shoe nuts on this forum and AAAC (you know who you are) who have finally convinced me that my ordinary A-Es, Ballys, etc., are trash, and any self-respecting man should have at least one pair of cordos.. (Not to mention C&J handgrades or Edward Greens as well.)   So the 974 was going to be it since I also crave a pair of wingtips and a pair of burgundy shoes. OK, so the suit's out.  How do you think these battleships would go with sports jacket, tie, and dress pants?  Or would they look good with dress shirt open at the collar, no jacket, and dress pants?
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The 974 is fine with a suit, as long as it isn't a lightweight suit. The 974 would probably be fantastic with a heavy (such as tweed) jacket and heavier pants (moleskin, corduroy, flannel). If you really want the 974, you'll find reasons to wear it....
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I wear the 975 with suits (it's the long wingtip) -- usually heavier suits but I cannot resist wearing it with lightweight suits as well.  It might look a little funny but I do it anyway.
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