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Yohji Yamamoto

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I wish LA Guy were around to answer this question, but hopefully there will be someone else who can . . . I spotted a cool Yohji Yamamoto cotton/linen blazer in my local boutique this past weekend.  Unfortunately, Yohji's "fit model" appears to be a rail-thin six-footer with a 6'6" wingspan.  I wear a medium in almost everything, and the size 4 (L) was a bit snug, with sleeves well past my wrists.  Can an average-sized, normally proportioned individual such as myself wear Yohji well, or should I seek out designers who cut closer to my body type?
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One of Yohji Yamamoto's signature details seems to be overly long sleeves. And the silhouette made by Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, et al either seems to be of that thin mode or rather large, and baggy. I suppose it depends on your overall personality, and what clothing you favor?
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Depends on how the rest of your wardrobe is. The Yohji look is pretty distinct in itself. I'd recommend a (or two) loose light-colored (white, blue) t-shirt with a loose collar or v-neck (or just buy a shirt and cut off the collar and re-hem it without the elastic) and maybe some neckwear to go with it. Also dark, slim, low-rise jeans. There's no reason why you couldn't wear that look. Look at Johnny Thunders (left) even back in the 70s, although the sleeves aren't that long: That is my most favored look. BTW yes that is Iggy Pop on the right (and that's Sable Starr in the middle)
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I think I'd pick another designer. The porportions of Yohji Yamamoto 's clothes aren't for everyone, though they are certainly cool designs. I feel your pain. I'm a tall broad-shoulderd person with very long arms and many of the things I like aren't built for me at all. They're either too small in the shoulders or too baggy in the middle.
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i attended the yohji retrospective in firenze this past january and although it was all women's wear, the interesting thing about his couture stuff is how incredibly technical and experimental it is but at the same time how crappy it looks up close ... bad seams, poor stitching, sometimes really cheap choice in material and construction ......... his famous wedding dress (the one that is like 12 feet around) is made of muslin and looks really good in a picture in a magazine but not so hot in person
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