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Best online brokers

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I'm going to opening my first online acount so i can begin buying some bonds and stocks and what not. I was wondering who you guys use or suggest to use? I'm looking at using ameritrade right now, but am looking at the following because i don't have a lot of money and am still learning about stocks. 1) Minimum to open account (I only have $500 now seems like most are $1000 but don't want to wait till the end of the month and not spend any of my paychecks. 2) Price to trade 3) ease of use.
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I use Charles Schwab, which I find to be quite user friendly.  The prices are on the expensive side however, so you might want to look at using E-trade. Of course the prices that each charge can vary based on how often you trade.
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I've used Scottrade in the past. They had the cheapest commissions at the time (don't know now) and a low minimum. Their system is probably not as advanced as the bigger ones, but it worked fine for me. Plus they are local, so I could just bring in a check to the office and get started right away.
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